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Feb 11, 1999
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I'm wondering if I should buy a starter packet? My sisters sell Creative Memories so I just got some pages from them but need to buy other things like scissors, pencils etc. I got a scrapbook flyer from the local store and it had a beginners list there. Any suggestions on the best way to get started? Kit or buy everything separate?


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I like the paper cutter and the corner rounder that I got from Creative Memories. I also like the oval and round stencils and the tool to cut the picture into those shapes. (I bought the whole package with the carrying case, so ALOT of stuff came in it.) I like that I have everything right here and don't have to run out to get something or go to a workshop.
Also, you can never have enough stickers of different occasions!

I would buy the albums from Michael's as they are similar to CM's but cost about $10 less.

Then sit down and HAVE FUN!

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posted 07-25-00 07:37 AM

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Beginning supplies
The basics in my opinion would be:

book or refill pages

acid free pens - you can start with black

Acid free colored paper

acid free adheshive - I prefer a tape runner
Nice additions would be:

paper cutter - swing arm type

corner rounder

design line stickers - they're great for borders

a FEW die cuts and stickers

decorative scissors - I use deckle edge most

patterned paper - use sparingly

templates and fancy edged rulers

When you get really bored or hit the lottery:

circle / oval cutter


rotary paper cutter

paper crimper

rubber stamps and acid free pigment ink pads

acid free pencils or chalks

more, more, more - pens, stickers, die cuts

Scrapbooking really is addictive and there is so much stuff you can really go overboard if you're not careful. You can also create beautiful and interesting pages with a few very basic items. In most cases less is more.

Have fun scrapping!

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I really believe that the easiest way to get started is to attend a Creative Memories party. They stress simplicity in your pages.
I have used other albums, but I feel that CM albums are the best. I ended up switching all of my albums over to CM, and I would have saved big bucks if I'd just bought them to start with. The quality is much better and they will back each album with a warranty. My Westrim albums began to fray around the edges and one of the hinge straps broke.

In order to get started, buy a good album - my favorite size to work with is a 12 x 12. CM also makes a wonderful idea book called Fast Formulas ($10). It's really good - even for veterans like me, who sometimes get "brain-lock" for a new/simple idea.

You'll need an adhesive - glue stick or photo splits (acid free). Then some pretty colored pens, basic black of course. Try the gel pens - they run about $1.00 each.

Start with basic colors of card stock. These are great for matting pictures and cutting out letters for titles.

You'll need a circle and oval template, and definately a corner rounder. Creative Memories has the BEST corner rounder. You'll also need a good pair of scissors and if you attend a CM class, your scissors will be FREE.

Letter stickers are easy, but you might also consider one of the block letter ABC tracers by EK Success. These are easy to trace and cut out for page titles.

Don't go to a scrapbook store and go CRAZY right off the bat - and trust me, it's easy to do. I invested in two different circle cutters, before I discovered Coluzzles - and now that's the only cirle/oval cutting template I use. I also went nuts when I started and bought lots of patterned scissors - now I hardly use them at all.

Stickers, die cuts and papers are my weakness. I have two Paper/Sticker Binders - both jam-packed -one with stickers and one with die cuts. So you can see....I'm addicted!

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I urge all of you that are just getting started to take some classes. I went to Creative Memories classes and it was extremely helpful in getting started. Besides supplies, you really need ideas. There are lots of idea books out there but it is really helpful (or was to me) to meet and share ideas with other people. I have completed 5 Disney albums and have another one in the wings. It gets easier and more fun as you go along. But I did need help in getting started. Now I feel proud when the Creative Memory counselor asks to borrow my albums for display.
Another good thing about classes is that the counselor has all the tools of the trade for you to try and then you can decide which ones would work best for you.

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I just got a beginners kit too! I found it at K-mart in the clearance isle for $14.99! I've been wanting to take a stab at scrapping for a while and when I saw the kit I decided it was time to go for it! All you experts will be getting alot of questions from me soon!!


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I am a CM Consultant and depending on your point of view, I could be accused of being biased, but I truly believe CM has the best albums you can buy. I wouldn't be selling their merchandise if I didn't believe it. Obviously there are a lot of companies that have a similar style, but why do you think that is? Becuase CM albums are the best sellers and the best made. In fact, Westrim has infringed on the copyright and is involved in a lawsuit with CM. Just a few comparisons:
CM albums come with 15 pages
Westrim comes with 11 pages (this is partially why they are cheaper)

CM page protectors come with 15 (one more than you need for your album)
Westrim page protectors only have 10 (one less than you need for your album)

CM pages are 30% thicker
Westrim pages are thinner and tend to tear easily

CM pages have stainless steel "staples"
Westrim are cheaper metal and tend to rust (which then spreads across the page you worked so hard to make!)

In the end, to get an album with 15 pages with protectors, you actually spend more with Westrim than you would with CM. Why spend more for an inferior product? CM has been in business for 13 years and is committed to the true mission - providing supplies that are safe.

I am only providing this information so that you can educate yourself. There are a lot of companies out to earn a fast buck in this industry. Please make sure the products you are using are archival quality and photo safe. Otherwise, your hard work will not be here one hundred years from now. And isn't that the purpose? To preserve our memories for generations to come? I love scrapbooking and I'm happy to see there are people so excited about scrapping. Have fun!


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