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    "A little girl was critically injured in an accident and taken to a hospital.
    She had lost a great deal of blood and needed a transfusion, but her
    blood type was rare.

    Finally it was discovered that her 7-year-old brother had the same blood type. The doctor took him into the office and told him, 'your sister is very sick.
    Unless she gets some blood, I'm afraid the angels are going to take her to heaven.
    Are you willing to give your baby sister your blood?

    The boy's face turned
    pale and
    his eyes widened in fear. After some agonizing moments he whispered to the

    I'll give my sister my blood.

    As the transfusion took place, the boy watched as his blood passed through the tube to
    his sister. The doctor noticed that the boy seemed nervous and said, 'It will be over
    before long.' At that moment, big tears welled up in the boy's eyes and he

    "Will I die pretty soon then"?

    He thought he was giving his own life to save his sister!
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