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Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by VSL, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. VSL

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    May 3, 2005
    My BF's auntie is in WDW at the moment. They went with TCD.

    When they got to AKL, they were told that they did not have the DP - which they had booked through TCD! TCD said they would sort it out but that they would have to pay OOP until they did!

    They went to Pointe Orlando yesterday to TCD's offices to sort it out. It was a no go. They told BF's auntie that a refund check would be waiting for them when they got home! Luckily, BF's auntie kicked up a fuss and they refunded her the money there and then.

    Of course, everything is going to cost more than it would have with the DP anyway!

    BF's auntie has booked numerous TS and both Disney dinnershow's (I believe) - because you have to with the DP (otherwise you might end up not being able to use most of your TS credits!), so you can imagine how much this is gonna cost.

    :worried: :rolleyes2 :sad2:
  2. Cochise

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    Jun 26, 2004
    That really stinks!!
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  4. angel659

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    Jun 24, 2002
    Bad customer service in my opinion :sad2:
  5. gbrchill

    gbrchill Mouseketeer

    Aug 12, 2005
    I'd be inclined to consider the contractual arrangements made with TCD to book the dinner plan. They have failed in there part of the contract to arrange the dinner plan. They may be liable not only for the refund but also for loss of bargain (the difference between what was paid for the dinner plan and the cost of actually dining outside of the plan). It depends on what the small print of the contract says with respect to this type of extra (and if the contract term is fair).

    Probably worth sending TCD a nasty letter after getting home, requesting a refund of the extra costs encountered because they were unable to provide the contracted service that was paid for. Tell them they have 21 days to respond. Eventually It may be worth considering a claim against TCD in the small claims track of the county court. Make sure all paperwork is kept (including reference numbers for ADR bookings made prior to travelling)
    and the broken out difference between the cost of dining plan and what was actually spent [but only on dining plan purchasable stuff].

    The contract terms may provide for arbitration rather than court action.

    Did they explain why they were unable to arrange the dinner plan?

    :) Chris.
  6. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi DIS Veteran

    Sep 30, 2004
    Problem will be that they have accepted money back, actually insisting on the payment, this will stand against them. They could have paid for the service and then claimed it back off Travel Chavs plus compensation.
  7. Hilary

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    Feb 10, 2000
    I've never used the dining package, so I may be out of touch on differeneces between these and ordinary ADR meals. However, if they are the same as standard WDW meals, it should be possible to cancel them if they really don't want them if they were booked only because they would have been covered under the dining plan.

    Jus be aware of any restrictions that may apply, especially if a cc was required to make the ADR :)
  8. Miffy2003

    Miffy2003 <font color=orange>I've got Saratoga Springs - mak

    Aug 13, 2003
    I would ask for any out of pocket extras incurred to be refunded as a gesture of goodwill.

    I always think the true test of Customer Service is not whether things go wrong or not - stuff happens - but in how it is dealt with to resolve the issue to the customer's satisfaction. I would say, give them a chance to sort things out and hopefully BF's aunt will be happy :)

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