Tasting Grapes Before Buying


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Feb 9, 2014
Tasted err bought strawberries at the farmers’s market this morning; heavens above are they good! Still had the stems on and the vendor gave me a new idea to use them. This is the time of the year when fruits are so worthy.
Farmer's Market strawberries are soooo much better than store bought. Nothing like buying them directly from the farmer. YUM!


Nov 29, 2004
Grapes are $4.00 + per pound this way right now; hope they make good wine since there is no way I’m buying them
$4+ per lb. is very steep and I know we would not be buying them either no matter how good they tasted. FWIW he wouldn't try them if they were that expensive because we wouldn't be buying...


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Jun 2, 2014
Do you taste a grape before you buy a bag? I don’t. I feel like it’s stealing. But so often I’ll buy a bag and they are so sour. We end up throwing most of them away. ☹ I’m so tempted to start tasting.
I think I'm in the minority here but I haven't read all the pages!
I have been on a grape/apple for lunch diet for a while (lost 30#'s), so I eat them every day. I got tired of buying a bunch of grapes and throwing them away because they were too sour or soggy or tasteless. They cost about 8 or 9 dollars for the bunch where I live, which is alot for some grapes.
So, I finally got over worrying about it, and take one and wipe it off well, then taste it. If it is good, I buy that bunch of grapes which happens 95% of the time. I have clean hands and wash them or use sanitizer. I think it's "stealing" to pay so much for rotten grapes TBH.