Tony M

Remember 1999
Sep 19, 1999
I finally am getting around to explore the T2 Ultimate Edition DVD that I got for Christmas and found a segment on how they made the T2-3D attraction.
Very informative and it was interesting to find out that the majority of it was made by the same creative team that made the T2 movie. It seems that when Landmark(the T2-3D attraction creators) approached James Cameron, he thought that the attraction would be a great way to link the story of T2 with a future T3 movie. Great behind the scenes stuff and How'd they do that stuff but one bit of telling detail was when they show a scene of Cameron directing the Live action scene and you can overhear him saying that "once the T-1000 makes the time leap(the part where he goes from "live" action in the auditorium to become part of the 3-D movie) he has already killed her (Sarah Connor) and now he comes for John Connor."
It was kind of a Spoiler for the upcoming movie(if it can ever get made) but not enough to give too much away.
I guess James Cameron was kind of writing off his screen heroine as his part of his divorce to the actress(Linda Hamilton) who played her. What a way to treat your ex. Write a movie and ex her there too.
I'm guessing that at some point during T2-3D's creation the killing of Sarah was scrapped, since at the end of the show the final scene has John and Sarah together again.

No telling what T3 will hold, especially since Cameron is not involved (I think).
Actually, if you go back and watch it again, Cameron was giving a "what if" scenario about Sarah not doing something thus resulting in her death. He was trying to avoid people thinking she might be dead by choreographing the scene differently.


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