Swan/Dolphin Sold OUT- NOV Dates!!


Off to Neverland.....
Nov 20, 2000
Hi! I just got off the phone with the Swan and Dolphin and they are sold out for November 1, 2, 3 - both hotels.
My parents were planning on staying there to joinus for our trip - they love the SPG program! Also, called CRO and they don't have availability either!

I just wanted to share the information, in case others were looking to go at this time! :)


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Apr 17, 2000
I see you're from Jersey. I think that week is also when we have our fall school break (Fairfax County. Virginia). It seems like the first week in November has become more & more crowded the past few years. Isn't it sometimes referred to as 'Jersey Week', because the New Jersey teachers have some sort of convention then? (Maybe it should be called 'Jersey/Virginia Week'...), plus the last night of MNSSHP is October 31st.
Hope everything works out - I think it's great when extended families can vacation together.

PS - I just looked at our 2005/06 school calendar. We have November 7th & 8th off(Monday & Tuesday following your parents' dates). A lot of folks from our area go to WDW during these school breaks, so I suppose starting that Friday(Nov 4) & going through November 8 might be a bit more crowded than usual.


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