1. DisneyFreak06

    DisneyFreak06 DIS Veteran

    Oct 17, 2006

    Do not EVER book Sunwing please! I am so upset with them! I booked a flight, but purchased extra insurance, thinking it was an okay deal. It was good until I got the insurance which brought it up to $481 return from YYZ. I was supposed to be going to school at U of T and am not now. (That's a whole other story involving money I will never see again-deposits not being returned! :sick: ) I didn't end up going to school because of money issues, so I stayed here and substitute taught since Sept. Things were fine, I still planned on going to WDW in Dec. But then I got a full time teacing job for the rest of the year. :teacher: That's usually a good thing, but it's sad when you have to cancel a trip to WDW. I keep trying to stay positive, but I always figured this was going to be my main chance for Disney in Dec.

    Anyways, I called Sunwing in September and added 2 days to my trip. Fine and dandy. Then I call today to cancel and they tell me I will get NOTHING back because by adding 2 days I used up my insurance! I had NO idea! The guy I was speaking with did not mention that to me at all. I can't even get back anything, not 50%, not 30%, nothing. I am just about sick. I feel like this whole year has just been about giving money away for nothing. The residence is not giving me back $600, now the flight was almost $500. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I was under the impression that the insurance would cover me for unlimited changes/cancellation. Had he told me that I would not be able to cancel when I was making the change, I would have thought hard about it and maybe just cancelled and booked a flight out of Charlottetown anyways.


    Anyways, basically needed to vent and give everyone a heads up on Sunwing.

    Thanks for listening and for listening to my warning!
  2. crash2000

    crash2000 Mouseketeer

    Mar 11, 2006
    You must buy
    coverage for the entire duration of your trip, its in the plans coverage.


    also from what I can see in the terms and conditions page also on sunwing florida air trips cancelation fees are 100 %

    BUT I would wright someone higher up, when you add 2 days to your trip, if it had voided your insurance they should have stated this, or atleast given a refund of your insurance, or allowed you to purchase the extra 2 days worth, don't give up, right them a letter, right the ceo, or ambudsman, but be warned it WAS all in the terms and conditions, you didn't bother to read.
  3. SandraC

    SandraC Longs for the feeling of sandy salt water in her k

    Oct 27, 2000
    If it were me.......I'd be ruining someones day tomorrow! :eek:
  4. misslissa

    misslissa DIS Veteran

    Sep 20, 2005
    Generally, I'm surprised that they allowed you to make the first change at all! Because for the most part, insurance doesn't cover you just changing your mind without a medical reason or something...

    Next time, make sure you are aware of all of the terms and conditions when booking and changing. :confused3

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