Sunscreen-how long do you keep it?

How long do you keep your sunscreen?

  • One year

  • expiration Date

  • Until it runs out

  • Other

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Mar 14, 2006
How long do you keep your sunscreen? Do you keep it for a year, until the package says it expires, or until you run out?
I, personally, have read enough to convince me that one year is as long as it's good for, and I figure that $10 or so for new sunscreen is cheaper than skin cancer treatment.
Every year I buy new sunscreen. Skin cancer runs in my family and it is just something I don't want to worry about. I think the formulas get better each year too (I bought Neutrogena w/helioplex this year).

In my mind it is worth the $10....just think of the things we all spend $10 on w/o even batting an eye.
I usually go through three bottles each summer. Whatever is leftover at the end of summer gets tossed, and we buy fresh the following spring.

I have a good friend who works in the cosmetics manufacturing industry and she said that sunscreen will lose its effectiveness after 6 months or so. You can still use it, but it will not be the same SPF and will need re-application faster to work correctly.
If it's Coppertone I'll keep it until it runs out but no longer than 2 years. If it's anything else, No Ad in particular I'll toss it before it's expiration date as I've gotten nasty results from the cheap stuff (buy it only when funds are low and we need something asap)

I keep it until it expires and then toss it. I just have a hard time understanding how it can just "stop" working after a certain date. Seems wierd to me, but I toss it when it says to.
I selected until it runs out but that would always be less than a year. We go through several bottles a year.
We go through many bottles during the summer , but if there is any left you should throw it away , I have heard that it does not work the same after a year and also not to leave it out in the sun. Better safe than sorry.

I either keep it a year or until it expires, whichever comes first. I learned the hard way, I used one bottle for one season, then the next summer I pulled it back out and put it on my kids and they started crying and said that it stung. I wasn't sure if maybe I had put it over a scrape or something or what so I tried it on myself and it burned so I immediately washed them and bought new.


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