Sunday 2pm EST is UK Chat time, discussing everything you need to know about...

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    Dec 16, 1999
    <b><u>Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party & Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party.....</b></u>

    Come and find out about these ticketed events, what makes them special, and are they worth it. Been to one already? Come share your experiences!

    Arrive at the Chat room for 2pm EST and find out for yourself whether you should be wasting your valuable dollars and your preciouse time on these special events during your trip to WDW.

    We are of course, always happy to discuss <b>any</b> of your general trip planning questions too! :)

    New to the DIS or chat? We'd love you to come along and give it a try...don't be shy, come and play!

    Click this way for the Chat room!

    Any questions on how chat, do please feel free to ask! :)

    Penny! :)

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