stroller or jogger?


Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2001
I was wondering if you would recommend a regular stroller or a jogger for MK, etc. We have both and aren't sure which to bring. I was thinking that the jogger would be nice for the jogging paths at our resort(less bumpy)but I'm not sure if it is too bulky for getting around in the parks. It does fold as compactly as the stroller. What are your opinions? Thanks!
I was wondering if they support more weight than a regular stroller. I'm having trouble finding a compact stroller to support my 3yo. DS weight. He is at 55 pounds. The tires on other strollers have not held up at all. Are these joggers comfortable for the kids to ride in?
Depending on how small your jogger folds, it might be bulky to get on and off the buses. If it folds as small as an average regular stroller you should be OK. Ours (BabyTrend Explorer) did not fold small enough to fit down the aisle. My DH had to hoist it over his head. If you will be using a car to get around, no problem.

I thought the jogger was great for inside the parks, especially AK, because of the way it went over any and all bumps in the road. My shoulders & arms got sore though because I wasn't used to pushing it for extended periods of time.

At WDW you will probably prefer whichever stroller you prefer for everyday use. Your child's preference is important too because he/she will be spending a lot of time in that stroller.

Good Luck and have a fun trip! :)
I can't remember off-hand how much weight that my jogger can hold but they are pretty rugged. I'm sure that it could accommodate your 3 yr. old. Comfort-wise, there isn't the padding that a regular stroller has but DS seems to be comfortable in it. We haven't had too many chances to use it b/c we live in New England and have WAY TOO MUCH SNOW right now!!! :eek: Leslie

Hi ryguy,

I have both regular and jogging strollers. I never use my jogger when shopping or at the malls because they are too long and hard to manuever. I figure the same for Disney as well.

My vote is bring the regular stroller.
Reading this post reminded me of the time I nearly got skewered by a 'stroller' near the carousel of progress. This guy's 'stroller' was actually one of those cart things you attach to the back of a bicycle to carry kids in - It had a handle so it could be pushed like a stroller - but the front had the exposed 'tongue' area where it was supposed to attach to the bike - it did not manuever well at all and he nearly sliced my leg with the thing.

Anyway - back to the question at hand - if you are going at a reasonably uncrowed time of year I'd bring the jogger - if you'll be there with high crowds - use the regular one.


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