Stictch - Is He Still Invading WDW?


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May 13, 2000
I read a trip report a few weeks ago and the poster stated that Stitch has invaded WDW, even the monorail. I'll be SO upset if the monorail "voice" is Stitch and not the original "Please stand clear of the doors..."

Anyone been recently on the monorail? Should I be worried?



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Apr 6, 2004
We were on the monorail on our trip May 15-21. It wasn't Stitch saying "Por favor mantengansen alejado de las puertas". Rest assured. Although, I'd like a Lilo doll. They don't have any, I asked at the Disney stores in the parks. ;)


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Aug 8, 2000
On one of our trips on the monorail this time, Stitch did take over the voice controls, but after the please stand clear of the doors speech.:)


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Oct 6, 2000
As other said, Stitch doesn't do any of the safety stuff. The same narrative plays around Seven Seas Lagoon. Stitch starts interrupting as you approach the MK platform, but that's all I remember from a couple weeks ago.


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Feb 10, 2005
Stitch is also waking you up in the morning now. I set up a wake up call hoping it would be was Stitch. :sad2:


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Nov 18, 2001
Tine731 said:
Stitch is also waking you up in the morning now. I set up a wake up call hoping it would be was Stitch. :sad2:

Well, not entirely.

Its still Mickey on the call, but Stitch "jumps in" and causes trouble for Mickey during the call.

And with the Monorail, Stitch is just an addition at the very end of the usual "info-speil" as you exit at MK.

The late, great, Jack Wagner (long-time "Voice of Disney") is the announ cer saying "Please stand clear of the doors" (in English and Spanish). The rest of the L-O-N-G "info-speils" are another announcer altogether.

BTW, Jack Wagner's voice is also still heard on those automated "subway-type" elevated transportation cars that run between the gates and the main terminal at Orlando International Airport.


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