Spring into a New Beginning- APRIL 2017 WISH Lifestyle/Weight Challenge


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Jul 29, 2014
Even though I didn't post this month I have really enjoyed your daily questions and Walt history - such a great month @MommaoffherRocker! Randomly flicking through channels tonight I came across a Walt documentary- DS16 and I watched it as he is interested in animation and of course is a Disney boy. It is 2 part so we are looking forward to next Sunday night
  • iivye

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    Jan 22, 2013
    Wow, April flew by. I ended the month with 40 running miles and 10 biking miles which was only 45% of my goal. I'm not too upset; tomorrow is a new month!

    Thank you @MommaoffherRocker for hosting. It was a very educational month! Congratulations to everyone that met their goal this month! See you all on the new thread.


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    Oct 21, 2003
    Good morning friends! I am just realizing that it is now May 1 and I was a lackluster participant in our April challenge. I'm so sorry for not being here more. Please know I think of the group often and I haven't changed my determination to stay at goal for LIFE.... just having trouble fitting in the reading and replying that I like to do!

    But here we are in May! WOW! I look forward to chatting a bit with you all in May, but it is already shaping up to be even BUSIER than April.... DD graduates in 20 days, we will have a party for her and are also hosting a bridal shower later in the month. And of course, along with that goes getting DD packed up and moved out and then RE-packed for her move to Orlando! DS also is done with his freshman year in about a week so he will be packing up to come home and start a great new INTERNSHIP for the summer!!

    I did have a weight loss in April so I am pleased to have moved in the right direction. There is still a slight chance I will make my May 17 goal if I am really vigilant and determined!

    I'll be popping in to join the May challenge, but my posting will probably be sporadic. I do miss you all, but I need to adjust my participation to keep life moving in the right direction! See you in May!............P
  • Lady Marie

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    Sep 29, 2014
    Just caught up with all the reading and echo everyone else in saying thank you @MommaoffherRocker for such an interesting month!!!

    Checking in with 100% with my exercise, but with my free eating these past 5 days, I gained 2 lbs. Oh well, time to get back to the grind today and make some progress in May. See you all over there!
  • emmakatbaby

    Mar 25, 2009
    When I lost a lot of weight before I had a lot of fear foods. So I wouldn't eat things like popcorn at the movies. Or even a single piece of candy. Or hot dogs. Because I was afraid it'd derail everything. I also used to workout a lot but for unhealthy reasons. So this time around it's a completely different mindset. It's a much slower journey now but it's worth it to establish that healthy relationship with food and exercise. So I'd almost say that it's a healthier lifestyle now than it was before, simply from a mental health aspect.


    So one perk of living in KC is that I'm about a 2 hour drive from Marceline, MO which as we all know served as the inspiration for Main Street USA and Disney identified heavily as his "childhood home". I've never been to Marceline. I had the opportunity once but my ex wouldn't make a pit stop during our road trip. SO I have a day trip planned with a co-worker in May to go up to Marceline, visit the museum and maybe even the spot for the dreaming tree. I'm SO excited to go! I've wanted to for so long. So it's finally happening.

    @dsnyfn1022-- I would love to know if you went to Marceline and your thoughts. Would you mind sharing?


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