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    Apr 8, 2012

    I've booked to stay at okw for two weeks in June and have got the dining plan and tickets included in our booking as we have booked from the UK. We have also added a single nights stay at the beginning of our holiday at allstar movies as we don't arrive till late and only need the room to sleep in and didn't want to waste the money on all the extras you get from a deluxe.

    My question is this, we have a 7.30 am adr booked at ohana booked on the morning we are supposed to checkin to okw and are wanting to use our dining credits to pay for the meal. How will we be able to do this? Will I need to go over supper early on that morning to check in to okw knowing I won't get my room but will I at least get my park tickets and dining plan ?

    Or is there anyway of being able to get them the night before from Allstar movies and that the dining credits will go live the next morning for our breakfast, saving me a trip over to okw before the actual check in? Or does it need to be activated from okw?

    Also.if I need to get to okw at that early in the morning I assume I'll need to get my own transport, be it a hire car for the day or a taxi as I assume the buses don't run that early. I have heard that you can get buses that do breakfast runs so our 7.30 adr should be ok shouldnt it?

    Hope some of you knowledgeable people out there can advise me.
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    You will need to check in at OKW to get your KTTW cards with your tickets and DDP credits in order to use the DDP at breakfast. You can check in as early at 7:00 a.m. Taking a cab to OKW would be the quickest way. You can take your luggage with you and leave it with bell services until your room is ready. Have a great trip :).

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