Spider-Man Soundtrack rocks!



I listen to it all of the time.

(except for the Areosmith song at the end)
(I will never forgive them for RnRc)

Great music!

Really gets the old heart pumping.

Warning to EROS from Tipper: one song has a dirty word in it.
You are like the third person I have heard that from. I guess I just need to break down and buy it. Since Kazza I don't buy many CDs but I love a good rock CD...After all I was an 80's teen!!
<font color=#0066FF>I got the Spider-Man soundtrack before I saw the movie. So at the theater while the credits were rolling my brother and I were singing along with all the songs. And now my 9 and 10 year old niece and nephew know all the words to the old Spider-Man song from the tv show. I really love to crank it up while I'm driving.</font>

Theory of a dead man. Great new up and coming Canadian band. They sound so much like Nickleback. Watch for them. Hopefully they'll have their own album out soon. Love their song "Invisible man" on the Spiderman soundtrack. "Nothing can come between us" is great too!
Cool... Like that Sum 41 songs, but a little annoyed by that Hero song.. Played too often on the radio.


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