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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by billsfan, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Is Southwests refund policy for points the same as it is for cash? Do the same terms apply? We hve 52,000 points to book ouf flights in October and if we need to change anything does it work just like a cash reservation?

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    :sad2: Why even post if you're so annoyed at the question that you can't restrain yourself from being rude? :confused3

    OP, the answer is yes, it basically works like the cash reservation. If you book a flight on points and then find the points required to purchase the tickets go down or if you need to change your flights ect. -SW will refund whatever points weren't needed/used into your account.

    From SW website:

    Is there an additional cost in points if I modify my existing Rapid Rewards reservation?

    The number of points required for a ticket is based on the published fare; therefore, if you modify your reservation, you may be required to use more points if fares have increased or you upgrade to a higher fare class. Additionally, if you downgrade to a lower fare class or if fares have been reduced, you may receive a refund of points.
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    I don't think there is an expiration date on redeposited points like there is with a cash credit.

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