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Aug 5, 2007
Great massive update, MEK. Thank you for NO clown picture at the pool (I so want to avoid him when we are there in Decembeer :rotfl2:).

I don't remember seeing postcards at that shop, but I'll have to be on the lookout because I do like collecting them.

I have heard great things about Captain's Grille for breakfast and lunch...perhaps we will be able to try it while we are there in December.

I like the look of that quiet'll have to explain to me when I see you exactly where it is; you can tell me when I see you in approximately 84 days or so. :)

Love the photopass pictures.


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Jan 5, 2009
Our goal was EMH. Which started at 8 am. We had largely packed the night before and all that remained to be done was getting ready, packing up what was left of our bar and fridge goods, getting our bags to bell services and catching a bus over to DHS. Easy peasy, right? Well...mostly. We did have one major faux pas. In our desire to expedite matters for some reason we thought it would be faster to take a left out of the villas onto the sidewalk that runs along the front of the lodge instead of wending our way through the lobby.

It was probably my bad idea. Right up there with the short cut that wasn't that I tried to take to get to the dock, thinking it would lead back to the villa pool. This went around the front of the lodge alright. And surprisingly, was not at all flat. Which really wasn't terribly fun for the luggage pull/push thing we had going on.

Did we make it by 8?

The crowds speak for themselves.


Not bad all things considered!

Another gorgeous day

Yeah, 8 am would have been better. That is officially the longest FP line I have ever been in. It did move fast but yowsa.

She thought so too

This is what happens when you pull a FP at 8:29 on an EMH morning. It was actually 5 min later on the our FP's by the time we got to the machine.

We did head to R&R first but not without a key stop

You didn't think that we really pulled of the mad dash out of the lodge without coffee first did you?

Ah, all better.

Oh look, our limo is here!

Man I LOVE that ride. My favorite. Hands down.

Of course after that, I had to get the requisite T shirt pics to send to the E’s. Favorite ride shirts was one of the requests. I do love the RRC dump shop, actually has unique merch!

Love the detail

First thrill of the day in, we were off to ToT. Mary Ellen's pictures as always, are vastly superior here and honestly I didn't take that many as I knew she always does an amazing job in this queue.

We were at an interesting spot though when we were stopped while aid was being retrieved, I don't think I've ever really had time to take a good shot in this area before.

Love this one too. A little backstory on the hat holding. Back in 2004 we made the E’s go on everything with us. Our very first night was at the then MGM and honestly ToT traumatized Eric a bit and we paid for it over time. We could still get him to go on stuff but he would go through phases of being scared, and not being scared. Fast forward to 2009 and he wanted to go on it. No one else did. So, one night during evening EMH after dinner, the rest of the gang hit RRC and Eric and I went on ToT. I had a small bag that had a magnetic closure. And for whatever reason, had it in my lap instead of whatever the net bag is they have (and I know they have something). Every time the elevator went UP the items in my purse popped out and went up and then when the elevator went down, they did too. I was trying to hang on to the purse, the grips on the seat, my flying stuff, and laughing like an idiot the entire time. It was hysterical though mildly stressful that I was going to lose something important. Like my camera! Eric still remembers it like it was yesterday. Apparently I do too....hence the hat holding which honestly I didn't realize I’d done until I saw the picture. Too funny.

Favorite ride T shirt picture time!

Yes Mary Ellen, we went here next. You are right!

This would be my first time since the re-do. Should I be scared?

Continued in next post


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Jan 5, 2009

Now I had heard, I think from Pat, that the back row was extra turbulent and I think somehow we ended up there but I’m not positive. I LOVE what they did with it and couldn't wait to come back and see what new version I’d get!

And now for something unexpected (kidding!)….favorite ride T, and "funny" shirt pictures

I love what they did with the dump shop, you really could go nuts in this one.

A morning snack seemed in order and we were nearby a favourite haunt. Ah the writers stop. I loved this place my last visit and had amazing luck with unique merch as well as coffee and treats. I was bummed to see they'd reorganized the interior and the darling corner window table/nook was gone and given over to merchandise. I loved sitting in that little nook with the E's and people watching while we had our treats.

Sadly the merch no longer seemed unique but I was excited to try this baby again. I honestly don't remember if we got coffee but I would assume so :rotfl:

Which, as already discussed what too sweet. I think a cream cheese/butter/powdered sugar/vanilla frosting would be perfect, at about half the volume they use.

We actually did a few more things before heading into to TSM, it was only 10:30 at this point so we had time to kill, but we did head that way...the long way around. I had wanted to check out the La Cinema Storage gift shop which is over by the backlot. Cute stuff and guess what, MORE T shirt pictures!

I REALLY liked this one and almost bought it. Had it been spring, I probably would have but I was focused on long sleeve options. I still wish I had but I had a t shirt limit and filled it elsewhere. Maybe next time (except it will be winter and I'll be thinking long sleeve again). I know I'll regret not getting this come springtime though.

Sorry, we’re closed

Ah yes, more for my target audience

Hidden back here (ok, hidden from me, I'd had no idea) were a couple of my favorites and we decided to say hello (yes, it was before TSM lol!) As Mary Ellen just shared the photopass ones, here are the ones from my camera.

And then...the streets of America!

I was so bummed out by the lights being up (and apparently they were in 2004 when we went, my mom remembered it but I don’t) that this is the only picture I took.

Followed by, Streetmosphere! Which I always love (though I seem to have gotten shots of the back of the CM’s heads fairly consistently here). It surprises me how often I stumble on one I've not seen before and makes me smile to recognize CM’s I have seen in other skits.

We decided to head back to the animation store. Mary Ellen wanted to look at postcards so off we went.

Holy strollers Jake!

I confess, I had not been into this shop before. I took a quick T shirt peek into the main shop across the courtyard from it but it was, as it should be, geared towards the Disney Junior crowd so it was a very quick swoop in and out. The animation store on the other hand…wow. And actually there were a few, granted only a few, things I could have seen purchasing. Small prints unframed but some neat neat things and I was THIS close to buying a Sorcerer Mickey for Eric. I’m going to make sure I take both boys there next Dec, I could see some new art coming home.

Finally, it was time!

A plane for Jeff

Continued in next post
  • eandesmom

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    Jan 5, 2009
    I was honestly worried that this would really bug my elbow and, it did, but in the heat of the moment who cares. Seriously though, do that ride a bunch of times back to back and you could get carpal tunnel. LOL!

    With that, we were starving and ready to get out of there.

    Bye Bye Hat!

    Hello (and goodbye) handsome!

    The boat we didn't take. I love this walk and vastly prefer it to the boat whenever I can.

    Too hungry to stop here

    A woman on a mission

    Boo, room wasn't ready! I wasn't really expecting it to be but a girl can hope.

    Hmmn, maybe we will come here later? Neither of us remembered a margarita stand being on the Boardwalk.

    Boo, too long of a wait at B&C. We consulted the app the burger focus in mind and decided our best options were Big River or Captain's Grille and at that point, CG was significantly closer!

    No issues walking in here

    Hello my precious

    SO good!

    I love the Yacht Club. Honestly if they had villas here we’d have bought. It is our favorite for so many reasons.

    It also has one of the best resort shops on property I think

    More T's!

    LOVE that they are coming out with resort specific stuff again

    Ok that’s not resort specific

    A fun thing that I haven’t mentioned yet. Both boys had given me specific lists of pins to try and trade for, and the pins they wanted to trade. KingPin was at the YC that day and I had a ton of fun talking and trading with him at the counter. We will definitely visit him while at the BW in Dec. It’s not his big trading event that is over at AKL but he does appear to work at the YC on other days. Good to know!
    Bye Bye YC, if we are lucky on our walk our room will be ready

    Arrgh. We did an Illuminations fireworks cruise in one of these in 2010 (a non pirate boat version) and it was one of the most magical things EVER. So incredibly cool.

    Continued in next post


    I'm with Beast
    Jan 5, 2009

    I've heard there is a wonderful space called The Attic above Jellyrolls. Anyone ever seen it or been there?

    Our room will not be here

    Or here (although mine WILL be next NYE!)

    We did, of course, poke into the shop. I'm with Mary Ellen, that sink strainer is SO cute but I'd hate seeing it all icky.

    More T's!

    Except this one was high on my want list. Still is. Really wanted to get it but as with the Hamm shirt, it was too springy to buy at the time if I found others that were less so. What can I say, I'm an immediate gratification kind of gal. :rotfl:

    These are darn cute even if they are blurry

    With that, it was stunning out and that means...pool time! I was happy to follow Mary Ellen to the cottage pool. It’s on the hotel side of the resort and what a pretty walk to it.

    Ah, the Cottage Suites. So adorable!

    Wedding set up.

    And that’s that. I didn't take another shot but went straight for the pool! Literally. Got changed as fast as I could and went straight in the water. Bliss. Did some reading, went in and out of the pool and was entertained by the duck in the pool and the 3 teen girls near us. It was just lovely. According to my photos we had about an hour and a half of pool bliss though admittedly Mary Ellen was getting annoyed that our room wasn't quite ready. We'd both hoped to have a drink at the pool and well, we couldn't make one without our supplies. :lmao:

    At about 3:30 we decided to go visit Boardwalk Joe's.

    My choice, The Grand.

    It was quite good!

    This doesn't look comfortable

    Similar pricing. I'm not a fan of the whole "skinny" drink marketing.

    And with that, our room was ready! Drinks in hand we headed up. What would we see??



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    Oct 2, 2009
    You guys got a good start to the day! I've never joined the initial TSM fp rush, what a line!
    RnR is my favourite ride too! (Well, depending on the day... :rolleyes1)
    Love all the t-shirt pics, makes me want some more!


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    Aug 5, 2007
    Great additions, Cynthia. You got some great pics of the performers at the Studios.

    And I love the various t-shirts you kept taking pictures of for the E's. I hope at the end you let us know which ones you ended up purchasing.

    I love that sink stopper and think I'm going to get it on the next trip and tell the men in this house to take it out and use the old one when doing dishes, etc

    I love the photos of the walk from the Studios to the BW; we only took the boat when we were there in December after meeting Nicki and Todd at the Dolphin; we'll have to try the walk since we are staying at the BWV in December.
  • natebenma

    Beach Club Dee
    Jul 19, 2008
    If anyone deserves the "Amazing Feats of Juggling" t-shirt, it's you!

    GET IT!!!

    The picture of the strollers and your caption are hilarious! Wow! I'm so glad I'm past having to go to those shows.

    It was a great day at HS- I especially appreciate the timing info for TSM and the FP return window.

    Really loved your afternoon hanging out at the Boardwalk and Beyond. Glad to hear you enjoyed your lunch at Captain's Grille. I don't even think they get that busy at dinner time, at least the night we went there were seats.

    I also enjoyed seeing the merchandise inside of Fittings & Fairings. I haven't been in there. Didn't even know about the gift shop there at the YC until I started working on the FAQ thread. :confused3

    Thanks for sharing the Margarita menus. What a great poolside "Welcome Home" drink.

    Can't wait to see what your home looks like, and looks onto.


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    Aug 7, 2012
    I've never stepped into the yacht club but it looks beautiful!! I love seeing the different set ups they do for weddings at Disney I think I need to renew my vows there!!!
  • MEK

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    May 8, 2005
    So - not exactly sure when I will get to replies. Maybe I should take my computer with me tomorrow.

    Great update Cynthia. Love it!


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    Apr 9, 2006
    All caught up! All caught up, again! :rolleyes1 (the question is, for how long. :rotfl2:)

    Love all the updates, ladies! So many awesome and fun photos to look at.

    DHS sounds like a lot of fun. And I love all the pics of the T-shirts. We love to walk back to BW too! Such a relaxing walk (if you do NOT take it in the August noon heat ;))
    The YC is beautiful, isn't it. We SO loved our stay there. And I am with you on the resort merchandise - so nice to see reappear. Unfortunately when we were there in February, the Contemporary had NONE!!!!


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    Feb 10, 2010
    I love all the updates. Such great pictures!

    How sad to leave WL... but I have to say where you were headed was pretty darn cool!!!

    You got so much done in such a short amount of time that morning! I am in awe.:worship:

    In planning for a falls girl trip myself, I am tucking away little tips about restaurants each time you mention one that was a good choice to use the TIW card. We most likely wont be on the dp, and since I have an AP now... my thought is to get the TIW card and then maybe that will save us. However... I am wondering if we should make more ADRs if a ts will come out to be not a lot more than a cs (since cs wont have any discount)

    Love that you got to see the set up for a wedding reception. How cool to have a wedding and or reception there!!! So jealous of those people!!!

    I stayed once... only once at the YC. so we could have used that walkway between DHS and Epcot....but we didn't. I never knew were it was and I figured it would be too long of a walk. This last trip I finally was able to walk it. It is actually not long and a really nice walk, especially on a beautiful day!

    And last but not least... your tshirt pics are cracking me up!


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    Dec 27, 2010
    I have to say, this post made me SO excited for the wedding planning...not only were you taking pictures of our ceremony and reception areas, but you happened to also take pictures of the 3 areas we had just been deliberating between for our rehearsal dinner! (Boardwalk croquet lawn, Boardwalk quiet pool lawn, and the Yacht Club Marina) Too funny! (Spoiler alert, we ended up choosing the Boardwalk Croquet Lawn - and your photos along the path next to it were super-helpful! :goodvibes)


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    Jan 28, 2006
    Mary Ellen,
    I am playing catch up again...Love the Halloween party pics (hat and all). LOL at the Belle pics with random guest comments! Thanks for the good laugh! Can't believe you stayed up to midnight, I also would have forgotten my mode of transport by that time as well!

    College acceptances - congrats to Nick. Connor has 2 of those top three (did not apply to Maryland, applied to the smaller UMBC instead), but accepted to VA Tech and honors at UD engineering. Also accepted to Villanova and awaiting decision from Lehigh. He will be down to that May 1 deadline to decide. Keep us posted on Nick's decision!

    On to finish your excellent trip report!


    Beach Club Dee
    Jul 19, 2008
    So - not exactly sure when I will get to replies. Maybe I should take my computer with me tomorrow.

    Great update Cynthia. Love it!

    Just a quick reminder not to stress out about how quickly you are getting to replies!

    This is supposed to be a fun hobby, not one with deadlines like in the real world, so just know we will all be here eagerly reading what you write, when you have time to do it!



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    Jan 28, 2006
    Mary Ellen & Cynthia - Wow your last MK / WL day, you sure were busy. Love, love the New Fantasyland pics! Beautiful. And the the Poly pool and Citricos dinner AND back to MK. Very impressed.

    Look forward to seeing your view from BWV. The quiet pool looks so relaxing.



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