Sorry Gaston, They are MUCH More Interesting Than You!*6/8* NEW Trip Report Link p154


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Aug 27, 2010
Tanz! :faint: Is it really YOU? :welcome:

Imagine my surprise when I saw this TR bumped up. I figured by now it had to be in the completed section.

How the heck are YOU????
Ha ha yes, it's really me. You're not hallucinating Mary Ellen! :lmao:

I'm great thanks, want to go back to Disney World but other than that all is good. Hope you're keeping well.

Thank you and I'm very honored you would pick this first! :thumbsup2
You're welcome and I love reading your TRs. Looking forward to catching up on the others and being there from the start of your next one. Have a lovely time!

That's wonderful. Of course you will be a wonderful tour guide and you are long overdue for a trip to the world. Please plan with a PTR. That would be awesome!
Thank you, I hope so. I think I'll find it hard to plan for other people but hopefully I'll be able to meet their expectations. I will definitely do a PTR though the wait may be a little longer as my aunt/nephew are now thinking of going in 2016 instead :( I think I'm going to plan a solo trip to Disneyland Paris instead next year as I'm itching for my Disney fix! ;)

:rotfl2: I forgot about that. I'm traveling solo this weekend so it should be interesting to see who I get then.
Ha ha it's always nice to be reminded! :rotfl: Ooh look forward to finding out...choose wisely ;)

Thank you! It was strange. I didn't know Tracy all that well, but there was a part of me that bonded with her. I really liked and admired her in the short time I knew her. She has something really special.
It's a lovely tribute and it's nice that you got to bond with Tracey well in the short time you spent with her :goodvibes

Well, the sooner you plan a trip, the better.
Hopefully it'll be soon...fingers crossed.

You're welcome.

Cynthia was the master mind behind that costume! We did have a blast!
Woohoo, go Cynthia! Great to hear that!

It was really cool to run into Tina. She is not on the boards much anymore, but she's a great gal and I'm thrilled she recognized us!
That is cool. Aaw that's a shame but it's good that you got to meet another acquaintance via these boards :thumbsup2

Well, as a matter of fact I am traveling with Cynthia this upcoming week and I am sure a week from tonight she will woop me again on TSM. I am sure my skills have not improved at all.
Ha ha you never know. Either way have fun!

That was a fun meet! They were genuinely nice characters who seemed thrilled to have their picture taken with us.
It looked that way as well.

Thanks. Me too! Love it there and LOVE EE!
My sentiments exactly! I was nervous riding EE on my own for the first time but it was an amazing experience!

They broke up and I really miss her. She was so adorable. I am still hoping they get back together.
Aaw that's a real shame. I hope they get back together.

Once again - I am so glad you decided to read this TR. It was an excellent trip. Can't say enough good things about it!

I am on my second one since completing this one. But you know - girls trips are very special.
That's great and I loved reading it, even though it's pretty late after it was written!

You definitey can't beat a good girls trip and I'm going to try and catch up on here soon.

Now don't be a stranger - you hear!
I'll try not to be. I've every intention of coming on these boards more often but work, gym and other stuff seem to get in the way lol! :goodvibes


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May 8, 2005
Tanz. I have been so bad about replying to you on this thread, but I've seen you on a few other TRs and I hope this means you will be back on the boards for good now. Fingers crossed!!!!