Sooo confused, HRH rooms


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Sep 7, 2000
Ok, I've lived upto my name.

We stayed at the HRH at the begining of Feb. We had a poolview room on the first floor. We are going to go back over Memorial day weekend. I have a garden view room booked.

Can someone please tell me that our room will be the same that we had before, (size, decor, minibar) only with a different view? I keep hearing about "deluxe" rooms, but USF's site says that these rooms are bigger. Our room was quite large as it was, I can't imagine them having bigger rooms that were not suite type rooms. DH was shocked when I told him that we had the "worst" room there last time. LOL I just don't want to be wrong about what I told him.

BTW, I am a member of Loew's thanks to people here and I am hoping for an upgrade to poolview. ;)
I haven't been yet (leaving next week), but if the buzz about HRH is to be believed, their standard rooms are quite nice. If the price didn't distinguish the room and you don't have any comparison with other rooms, I don't know how you would tell. I'm sure one of the experts on this board will be able to help you. I'm glad to know you liked your room so well, no matter the category. How was the service (check in, maid, turn down, room, check out, etc.)?
Oh my, that's a tough question. Since they had only been open for a week (?), they didn't know what was going on. LOL They took $100 off of our bill for a maint. guys screw up. Someone changed a broken bulb in our room. Instead of picking up the part he took out of the fixture, he put it on the floor and forgot about it. (the glass part of the bulb fell out while we were in the room and the part that screws into the socket stayed in the socket. It was that part that was on the floor)

We had a smooth check in, but at check out they said the travel company had not paid the bill! So, they had to charge me and have me look into it. Everything turned out fine, though. They only charged me $119 instead of the $139 that the travel company had charged me. By next week my credit card should be credited for 2 nights at $139. If it isn't, I dispute the charges and everything ends well anyway. :) Everything has gone smoothly in getting my money back.

Don't let those 2 horror stories scare you, though. It is a wonderful place to stay! I wanted to go down for Memorial Day weekend and started looking into how much it was going to cost us. I found a couple of good deals on rooms in the WDW area and told DH about them. The next day he asked about HRH. We have taken MANY vacations and never once has he EVER given me his input. And now he tells me he wants to stay at the HRH when we go down next time. I was shocked he said anything, but that's how much he liked the place.

The staff at the HRH is the best I have ever seen. Even if something goes wrong, they are so nice about fixing it and making you happy, it's hard to be mad about it. While I was waiting for DH to bring the car around when we were leaving, Nycolis (Nick) came over and started talking to me. We talked for over 10 minutes while I waited. (The reason I waited that long is another story. Nothing to do with the HRH) He wasn't dodging work, he just wanted to make sure everything turned out ok. He was one of the people that helping in getting some of the matters cleared up.

I can't wait to go down and stay there again! I just hope I can get airfare at a descent price. LOL You'll have a wonderful time!
We will be staying in a garden view room too. From what I have heard, it still has all the things like mini-bar, hairdryers, just a different view. I believe bath robes aren't included, but you can request them and you can request just about anything else - the staff are only too happy to make your stay a memorable one!
Sooo looking forward to the sunshine & atmosphere. Here in England recently we have had rain, rain & more rain!! Although today is a surprisingly sunny day.

When I called about a few more ashtrays and bathrobes, I was told that the bathrobes were only in the suites. I figured that was because they had only been open a week. This time, I will ask why it is on their website. (incert ornary wink here. LOL)


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