Sometime's were just cursed!


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Oct 3, 1999
We just returned from 6 nights at the BWV and had a great time, though I often felt I was on candid camera. In our week we had 2 nose bleeds, a fall in the shower, an eye problem (needing surgery on return yesterday), a trip to the ER, lost car keys and more.

The upside our room was great, We were in 2101, SV 1 bedroom. Just past the first turn in the hallway, view of entrance (great as we were waiting for people coming in). The room was clean and in good shape. The only thing I still don't understand is why the 2nd bathroom area, with the tub, doesn't have a door. We were an interesting mix of people in my room and that prevented tub usage. FYI, we tried to get the egg crate from housekeeping and they are no longer doing that - someone claims to have gotten bronchiatis from a former guest that way. I am also changing my vote on the sofa sleeper. No problem last year at OKW but this was so uncomfortable. I am wondering if BWV nad OKW have different sofas or if another post I read is correct, that it depends how many people use it. I ended up opting for the floor and was more comfortable. We did change our T&T without success. We piled all the towels and the garbage just inside our door when leaving at 8am. When we got home at 10pm, they were still there. Housekeeping was agsain clueless. I asked if they could just bring up towels and coffee and we would take care of the rest. They insisted coffee is not included but would do me the favor, it came within 15 minutes. (I will now carry page 18 of the book). 7:45am the next day housekeeping knocked. I handed her the linen (they were unable to take it the night before?). This mousekeeper offered me the world....3 boxes of detergenent and 4 packages of coffee were given to me, plus more towels, shampoo, tissues etc. I think she was thrilled we were a 2 minute stop. I just wish there was consistency. BTW, no problem getting lots of extra blankets, my BIL is a "good sleeping weather guy" with our room at about 50 degrees.

I did have a problem with the buses and ended up with a manageer and talking to a "head of transportation". On Sunday we were first stop in the morning, than swan and dolphin, On the way home we were last stop of 5. I said it should work like a school bus, I either spend the time on the way there or the way back, not in both directions. They explained the bus does not always go the same way, it depends on where it is dispatched from. They are know running the "exclusive bussing" from 7:30-10:30am (BWV, Swan, dolphin) and at park closings otherwise it is the 5 stops. Hence, I walk to MGM & Epcot and drive to AK so I only have to suffer to MK.

I was thrilled with the first aid spot in MGM with the gushing nose bleed but disappointed witht eh BW front desk for my ER help. They tried sending me to an emergent care facility and it kept connecting to a golf resort, The operator did stay on the line and was continually baffled, We ended up having to call 911 for help. We drove ourselves and arrived at Celebration ER at 10:30. We were told they were just getting to the 1pm person and it would be a long wait!

Well I've been much longer than I thought so here are some first and real highlights:
- First time at Beaches and Cream and a kitchen sink
- Loved our wishes fireworks magical gathering (AMAZING!)
- First time on a t boat from DTD
- DD's first space mountain ride
- Carriage ride at FW
- Scavenger hunt with GOAL
- DD and DN got to open the FOTLK
- DN got her first haircut in MK and DD and DN got colored hair gel and pixie dust
- Jellyrolls (what a blast!)

Overall, it was fun and magical as usual though I would have like a few less bumps in the road. This is also the first time in 5 years I have left without having my next ressie in place.:( I think I am going to have to work on the that,

Ask away if there is anything else you want to know.

P.S. we had an AP rate Saturday and than points. We did not have to move but new keys were slipped under our door t about 5am Sunday that were valid for the week. The first ones were only good for one night.

PPS is it just me that didn't know they no longer deliver packages to the room, only to the resort and than you have to go pick them up?


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Nov 24, 2002
Thanks Sandy for the report

I am somewhat speechless - I have to think about what to say - my immediate observation was no door on the 2nd bathroom - what's up with that?



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May 6, 2001
Sandy, I love your attitude. I'm so glad you were able to be optomistic w/ all your problems during your vacation. As someone who doesn't know where the ER is, I'm not sure I could be as graceful and upbeat as you are. One question, what is this about the "pixie dust" and colored gel for the girls? It snds like something my DD who is 6 would love in april. Thanks, Kim


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Oct 3, 1999
Originally posted by brittsmum1998
Sandy, I love your attitude. I'm so glad you were able to be optomistic w/ all your problems during your vacation. As someone who doesn't know where the ER is, I'm not sure I could be as graceful and upbeat as you are. One question, what is this about the "pixie dust" and colored gel for the girls? It snds like something my DD who is 6 would love in april. Thanks, Kim

The barber shop at the entrance to MK (it was moved several years ago and took me a while to find.) Brushes (and braid or special ponytail things for girls) and puts in colored gel. They can pick just about anything - lt or dark blue, lt or dk green, purple, pink, yellow. They put in several streaks (or will draw a mickey head on the back of boys on request) and the stuff is so wet they put the pixie dust (Mickey confetti on it). It is a whopping $5, plus tip. There can be a long wait and the barber shop is only open 9-5.

I think it also explains the slow drain issues in some of the rooms. I pulled the PD out of DD's hair before the shower, but I am ure others are not so considerate.


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Mar 20, 2000
Yep, they stopped delivering to the rooms a long time ago. Packages are delivered to the store at the resort and you pick them up there.


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Jun 19, 2000

So sorry you had so many unfortunate happenings but I'm glad that your positive attitude enabled you to still have a good time.

I have a question. What is the scavenger hunt with GOAL?




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Mar 26, 2003
I'm sorry you had some problems on your trip.:(

I'm glad you enjoyed the Grand Gatherings Fireworks Voyage. I'd love to hear more about it.

How was the scavenger hunt?



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Aug 13, 2003
Sorry to read about your group's medical problems on your trip. Here's hoping that your next trip goes off without a hitch!

But aside from that it sounds like you guys were able to still have a great vacation. Jam packed with fun things to do. Thank you for posting!:)


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Oct 26, 2003
Glad you managed through the surprises and all seem to have recovered...

I too am curious to learn more about the GG Fireworks cruise and the GOAL scavenger hunt if you have time to post again!


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