Soar'in in DL changed - why not WDW ?


been there, done that, TRYING to go back
Feb 16, 2000
DL changed Soar'in back to the original
Why can not WL changed Soar'in to an East coast version ?
Lots of things to see East of the Mississippi Rover.

The Great Lakes, the Mountains, the trees - oranges, pecans, maples, etc...
The beaches, the sites of NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Mystic, plantations,
And I am sure more places in SC, NC, GA, MD, LA, Virginia,......

WDW can leave their worldly version for a year or two and create a new version East of the Mississippi :)

What do you think ?
What do you want to see in a new Eastern version ?
Disneyworld attracts a more international audience than Disneyland, so that probably why they picked the "world" theme.

I would love to see them create several different movies and keep the attraction as fresh as possible. A new version every year would be great.

Too often, Disney lets their attractions get stale.
Disneyland is only changing back to the California version for about a month, coinciding with the opening of Star Wars land.

I like how the new film ends up in Epcot, it's cute with the fireworks over Spaceship Earth to form Mickey Ears. I actually like the new version better!!
I prefer the new version. Maybe because it is new but I like it better than just going over CA

I enjoy both versions. I think they could easily update Soarin' for a relatively low cost with the technology thats available. They don't have much of an incentive to do so right now, the attraction is pretty popular as is... I could see them updating the film once Ratatouile and GotG opens to draw crowds more evenly around the park. Epcot cant afford any extended downtime of their only 3 Headliner attractions.
They should leave the California version in California. It’s location in California Adventure as a hangar, doesn’t lend it to a “Across the World” ride.
...personally, I think a bunch of different versions would be cool, so you never know what you're gonna get....sorta like the different ToT elevator drops....


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