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Dec 24, 1999
What is the most unique Disney item you have?
I have a one of a kind Barbara Brown teddy bear made for the 1999 Teddy Bear and Doll Convention (signed by Barbara)
Since this is a one of a kind, I would have to say it is the rarest item of Disneyana that I have.

She's a cute bear--dressed as a Minnie Mouse tourist, minnie sunglasses, minnie purse, minnie gold necklace--she looks just like a tourist at WDW!!! It is SO cute!

Sue Ellen
Mine would have to be the Banner from the Millenium Celebration... It was one of the ones from Epcot...
it is the statue of Santa with Mickey and Minnie on his lap...we just happened to be
at Disneyland during there Disneyana conv. a few years back and they were selling to the public...The statue is by the guy who did the Walt and Mickey pin....and alot of art work and I feel really dumb because his name escapes me right now!...

Anyway the statue is one of 500 and we were able to meet the man in person and have him sign it! It was very what is his name! Ugh! LOL

Just remembered it is Charles Boyer!

Ohh.. Do you have a picture of that? That sounds nice.
I guess my most cherished piece is a flat wooden Mickey, his arms and legs are attached by wire and you can make them spin. I don't know when it was made or anything about it, I have never been able to find it any book. Just that my dad gave it to me, because it was his ( he even wrote his name at the bottom of one foot when he was a boy), it sits on shelf in the living room and he always looks at when he is here.

Mine is also something that was my dads. It's a really old key chain, the kind that you press in the sides and it seperates. The bottom has a square with a circle in it and it says "Walt Disney World" on it. Mom and I found it in my dad's "jewelry" box last year. It's on my key chain now.
The most unique Disney item we have is a Blues Mickey mini bean bag plush. This was one of only 220 Blues Mickey's that were sold to commemorate the opening of the Michigan Ave. Disney Store in Chicago on August 5, 1999. Mickey looks 'cool' in his black shades and suit, holding a saxophone.
Hey Nat,

How did you manage to get your hands on one of the Epcot Millenium Celebration Banners? I would die to get one of those! Well maybe not die ;)
Matt... I got it at the art of disney...
mine would have to be the Wet Paint sign that I picked up l;ast yrwhile waiting for the bus at DTD in the morning before they got picked up or thrown out!! Its hanging on my wall! Only wish I had the WET PAINT sign pin to go along with it:(


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