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Jan 23, 2003
I'm sorry if this has been asked recently, thought I'd read a post about it but can't find it now!

We're flying with Virgin. I've read mixed reviews on the airline meals, so thought maybe it would be a good idea to take some snacks, ie. sandwiches,crisps, biscuits etc, (just in case!!!!!)

What do I do with any uneaten food when we arrive? Do I just throw it away on the plane? I know we are not allowed to take in any meat, fruit or veg but I don't know about cakes, sandwiches, crisps etc. Mind you, after such a long flight, I would think any sandwiches would be pretty inedible by then!!! LOL

Also should we take our own bottles of water? I see it says in the brochure we get free drinks, but is it unlimited drinks? We all like to drink lots of water, would hate to drink the plane dry!!!LOL

Again, is it OK to take the bottles of water into USA? And are there similar restrictions coming back into England, can we bring food back in?

Many thanks,

You can take in biscuits and cake, you can also take in water.

You can't take in Meat or meat products, fruit, milk or milk products

Sandwiches if containing meat or cheese are only good for 2 hours un-refridgerated

The cabin crew normally come around the cabin with plastic bags to collect rubbish and you can just put any waste food in there.

Hope this helps

Hi Elaine,
All baked goods are ok so crisps, biscuits etc are fine.
The drinks are unlimited on Virgin although you may have to keep fetching them yourself. I always take a couple of bottles of water in the flight bags so I can have a drink on-hand if necessary, especially useful during times when seat-belt signs are on.
It's also nice to have water while you are working your way thru the airport system as you can feel very dehydrated after a long flight.
On the way out of MCO there is a notice at the first security check saying you may not take open containers of food or drink past that point. This is mainly because of the proximity of the new food court. If you have open bottles or packets in your flight bag they'll be ok but if you are carrying an open bottle you may be asked to take a drink as I was!!!

Hi, we have always been told that we can't take in nay food at all and have always been made to throw everything away, even things like boiled sweets. I do think it's a good idea to take snacks and drinks even if they are going to be provided, as it can take time for the trollies to come round everyone and there's nothing worse than having to wait when you're desperate for a drink.princess:
we could not take in milk when we took our son as a baby, I had bought a couple of the premixed babymilk cartons and it was confiscated just after us customs - I thought that this would be OK as it was sealed and was obviously a baby milk but it was not allowed!
Whilst water is freely available if you're prepared to make a nuisance of yourself by constantly asking for it, I find that the quantities actually offered are inadequate, especially given the advice to drink plenty of it.

If you like to drink a lot of water, then do take a couple of bottles with you. As Deb says, the amounts they hand out are pretty insignificant!

On most flights we've also been able to help ourselves to water from a dispenser located in the wall near the toilets, but as there have been flights when this wasn't there, we always take our own as well.

One point - bottles of water don't half add to the weight of your hand luggage, and some airlines are stricter that others about keeping within the weight restrictions. We now either hold a bottle of water each before check-in in case the hand luggage gets weighed, or wait until after check-in to buy our water (which makes a bit of a nonsense of weighing the hand luggage, IMHO, but there you go! :rolleyes: )
Originally posted by Stitch's Greatest Fa
Hi, we have always been told that we can't take in nay food at all and have always been made to throw everything away, even things like boiled sweets. :
Really! We've never thrown away anything other than meat/milk products. We always have 3 or 4 multi bags of crisps in our suitcases (very light on the way there, lots of extra space on the way back!) because the US doesn't seem to do 'normal' sizes of crisps, sorry chips!
Ishould have added this to my previous reply, but our last visit in Aug. 2002 my eldest DS was stopped and searched on arrival in Orlando because something strange had showed up on the xray of his hand luggage, I went with him because he was a minor, the questions about toy guns etc were never ending (I don't allow my sons toy guns at any time and certainly not when travelling to the US or anywhere else) - sorry I digress - anyway what was the culprit - the metal ring at the bottom of a tub of pringles!!! I will make sure they eat them all up on the plane in future if it will save 30 mins+


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