slowest time of the summer? if there is.


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May 28, 2003
I am planning a summer 2006 trip. We are driving so I will be orlando for 2 weeks. Is there a week during the summer that has the lowest crowd levels? or is the entire summer crowded? My kids get out of school the 3rd week in June and go back the last week in August. So I can go any week during the summer. My preference is to go the 3rd week in june for 2 weeks. But maybe the week after July 4th would be better. Please suggest.


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Aug 19, 1999
Third week of June through mid-August is usually very crowded with week of July 4 being the most crowded; third week of June would just be a bit lighter than week after the July 4 week; also since you are planning two weeks, that last week in June will actually start the build-up to the huge, huge July 4 crowd. Last two weeks of August are lighter than any of the summer vacation weeks (actual lightest "summer" weeks -- and some of the lightest weeks of the year -- are anytime in Sep after the Labor Day weekend). Don't know when or if you have been before. If a comparison helps: the two Easter weeks and Christmas week are the most crowded (non-fastpass lines at popular rides get to over 2 hours and some 3); July 4 week comes next being slightly under those; and President's week and all those other weeks between mid-June and mid-August are next on the list but still significantly less than Easter or Christmas. In any event, if you choose any week between mid-June and mid-August other than July 4, you should expect non-fastpass wait times at popular rides to range from 60 to 90 minutes all day and night except early morning.


Mar 1, 2004
Florida residents with seasonal passes are blacked out from the middle of June thru August, so that should tell you something about the crowds.

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Mar 3, 2005
Last year, we drove down on July 4th (little traffic since everyone else must have been where they were going already) and our first day at the parks was the 5th. A CM we were chatting with said how lucky that that was our first day, as the huge crowds were all going home!! Don't know if it was just a fluke but our week wasn't bad. We're doing the same again this year, although we'll get there on the 2nd this time. I occasionally suffer from "crowd-o-phobia" and have to leave malls, concerts, etc., but I had no problem at Disney last year. :sunny:


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Jan 20, 2005
sharkbait89 said:
I'm going Aug 6-11. Do you think it will be a lot busier just a week before? :scared1:

yes-all of south america and most of europe goes on holiday in august, and guess where a lot of them go?


Aug 16, 1999
I agree with Disneyrsh, the slowest time for you is in August. The
2 weeks prior to your kids going back to school would be best. The
biggest reason for this is alot of schools in the south will start
back to school earlier in August. My kids start back around
the 9th. Good Luck


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Apr 23, 2004
This is why we are going Aug 21st - 28th. We are hoping that the crowds will be somewhat less. I am a crowd-a-phobe. :flower: OK, it isnt that severe, but I heard this was the least crowded time of the summer which is why we are going then.


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