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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by VengenRM, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. VengenRM

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    Oct 13, 2000
    We are considering a purchase at VWL late spring, I am curious are the sleep sofa's comfortable? Not that I will be sleeping on one but my cranky children will be and to make our trips enjoyable I need to know my 3 wonderful children will be able to get their beauty sleep. Also can you request a 2br with the 2 queen size beds instead of the queen size bed and sleep sofa? I just have a problem with my kids sleeping on a sleep sofa. I'm sure they would love it but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Luv2Dream

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    Nov 9, 2000
    Here's the scoop on the rooms. If you reserve a 1BR you get the king-size bedroom plus the living room with the sleeper sofa. You don't have the option of asking for a king-size bedroom without the living room. The studio has the 2 queen beds. However, the 2 BR is the 1BR plus the studio put together, so you do get the 2 separate bedrooms plus the living room. So to make a long story short, if you want your children to sleep on a bed rather than a sleeper sofa, you have to get the 2BR if you all want to be in the same unit. However, I'm not sure how many units have 2 queen beds versus 1 Queen bed and 1 sofa. You'd have to make that specific request to reservations. Of course, you could always get 2 studios but that might mean that your children are somewhere and you are somewhere else. I suppose you could put 1 parent with 1 child in each room. That would be your only other option. Hope this helps.
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  4. Sammie

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    Aug 20, 1999
    Only Old Key West has rooms with 2 queens in the studio rooms. Studio rooms at Wilderness Lodge and Boardwalk have one queen and a sofa sleeper and a few have a very small daybed.

    The one bedrooms have one King and one sofa sleeper at all the resorts.

    So a two bedroom at OKW would have a king in the master bedroom, a sofa sleeper and the 2 queens in the attached studio. A 2 bedroom at WLodge would have the king, the sofa sleeper, and in the extra bedroom, one queen and sofa sleeper.

    Also be aware that in order to sleep 5 you will need a 2 bedroom or 2 studios. A one bedroom and the studio only sleep 4 unless one is under the age of 3.

    As to the comfort of the sofa sleepers, they are all the same ok but not like being in a bed.
  5. dthomas

    dthomas Earning My Ears

    Dec 19, 2000
    We just reserved a two bedroom at VWL. They have one bedroom w/king and the other w/two queen beds.
    Just be sure you reserve the "dedicated 2 bedroom" to get the room w/two queen beds. They also do have the 2 bedroom w/the sofa pull out. But as long as you request "dedicated 2 bedroom" you will be fine.
  6. CaliforniaDreaming

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    Jan 27, 2001
    Would CRO or WDWTC be able to reserve these "dedicated 2 BR's" for non-DVC members also?

  7. WebmasterDoc

    WebmasterDoc Administrator Administrator

    Aug 14, 1998
    Yes, the dedicated 2BR may be requested by anyone. Keep in mind it will be a request and in some cases may not be granted. Good Luck!

    All of the dedicated 2BR's have the 2 queens in the 2nd BR. The lock off units will have 1 queen bed and a double sleep sofa in the studio portion.

  8. Sammie

    Sammie DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 1999
    Thanks for the update on the bed situation at WL, another reason to choose it. I wish they had never taken the 2 queens out of the studios. So the new VWL 2 dedicated bedroom is similar to the ones at HH, correct.
  9. BobH

    BobH DIS Veteran

    Mar 19, 2000
    The issue of the comfort of the sleep sofa is a problem for me. I think kids will survive on it just fine. If I absolutely have to use one (with my bad back) I have taken the mattress off the metal rack and put it on the floor. I have done this other places, but not at DVC et.
  10. WDWsnooper

    WDWsnooper Mouseketeer

    Sep 14, 2000
    Our friends told me that they always tote an air mattress along and set it on the sofa sleeper--said it works great and no one is bothered by the metal bars under the mattress. I thought it was a good idea and will do the same.

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