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    I know i was looking on a disnye site once and saw a chart with the crowd sizes rated day to day from 1-5 or something like that...does anyone have the link to this...i would love to compare a few dates..we are thinking of going sometime in the fall..but want to pick the best time


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    Looks pretty accurate to me, although the numbers for October seem to be on the low side - but the Unofficial Guide has been "off" for that time of the year for a while now (maybe because the share of locals/frequent visitors is disproportionally high during that time because of special events, who aren't as easily captured using hotel occupancy figures and tourism data).

    Still, Len Testa's work has made a great contribution to the Disney community, and I credit him from turning the Unofficial Guide into the excellent resource that it is today (unlike the mediocre, outdated product it was just a few years ago).
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    I so agree

    and after going last Oct during Columbus day and experiencing crowds larger than in July - I was so unprepared - and upset - now I'm preparing for larger than 5 crowds!! (for this upcoming Oct trip!) (and I remember coming home and re looking at the crowd levels, in tears thinking IF THAT WAS A 6 - I'm never going back!!)
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    More and more school systems are adding Fall Breaks to their schedules. A majority of these "fall" into a 3 week period in October. Many families look at this as a good time to visit WDW due to good weather (except for tropical storms and hurricanes) and low crowds (maybe not anymore).

    Spring Breaks seem to be more evenly spread over a longer time period, but also include colleges which increases the population of people interested in going to WDW then. I don't think colleges are big on Fall Breaks but as mentioned above, Fall Breaks occur for the most part during a more compact time period.

    I've got the feeling that crowds-in-October is here to stay.

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