size of round door plate/marker with room # on it ?

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    I'm working on our door magnets & decorations .....

    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the round 'plate/marker' on the door that has your room # on it?


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    Sep 14, 2010
    This is off of the thread below "cruise magnets & graphics link" that someone posted:
    Stateroom Mickey Ears and then some...


    Goodies for you all...

    I saw a Sorcerer Mickey hat on the boards somewhere and was inspired to make my own. That gave way to a Pirate Mickey hat and now others too. They are below and here for your use, with the printable versions linked right below the large pictures with more to come! These are all mainly from scratch for your enjoyment...

    I have gotten A LOT of questions regarding printing so please read here to save yourself time, money and frustration. Trust me when I say I made these and give them out for your enjoyment, not to cause you undo frustration with printing problems.

    First click the "Printable Verison" link. Right click on the picture and select "Save As" (or look for something that resembles that). People use many different programs for printing, and here is what I say: Whatever program you chose to use you MUST PRINT these at 100% or in other words, their FULL SIZE. People that have had problems with programs that were shrinking the images.

    Cut out a 7.5" diameter circle (this is the diameter of the Stateroom Door Number Sign), and use this for your template for when you print your ears. If your ears do not fit CHECK YOUR SETTINGS as the sizes are correct... I promise you.

    You can print these 'Ears' on magnetic paper to stick on your door. Or you can make them out of paper or card stock, laminate them (or even laminate the pieces together) and then place self adhesive magnets on the back of those to stick on the door.

    Some of these are too big so they have to be cut in half, but that is not be a problem... just put the pieces back together on the door or while laminating.

    Hope this helps. By the way, the thread I told you about is awesome.:thumbsup2

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