Single, with SO or family???


Has a heart bigger then all of
Aug 18, 1999
Which one are you doing for DIS CON 2002????

I think it will be single for me, if I get to go. DH said that he was not all that interested.
What are the rest doing???
Bringing the DH along this time if all works out. Otherwise it will be just little ol' me. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


DDs will be in school and so will DH!!!!


<font face="comic sans ms"> I will be bringing Alan, but mostly because I need a keeper. :rolleyes: :p :D ;) He will be joining us for a few things, but he will mostly be hanging out fishing and stuff. </font>
Don't know yet!

I'd love to have Kevin along, but don't know if it will work out to leave the kids at home without a "keeper"!!:)
DW(CrazyBoutDisney) said she wants to go now. So we both should be there. We are planning Dec 1-8 at the VWL,we are DVCer's. I want to try for BWV but I have to wait until 7 months out.
Well I was thinking single, but DH and I are thinking about surprising our two oldest daughters (will be 10 and 11) with a trip with Mom. We're also taking a WDW family trip in Feb. 2003 for a week, so I'm not sure if we should take them out of school for that many days. Ah, the torment!

If I go to DIS CON II, I'll be there solo. Keep your fingers crossed!
More than likely, I'll be coming solo again. Things can change a lot in several months (SO-wise), so we'll see. But I really do like the freedom of coming to DIS-Con solo. I'd love to bring Bandit, and perhaps I will if I bring the motor home. All I know for sure is that I'm going to be there, come h*ll or high water!
Since I'm going to WDW solo in April, I'd BETTER be going with the boys in Nov-Dec.! :p
I'm bringing two of my DD's (Sydally and autochick) and they're two of my best buddies. I'm really looking forward to hanging out and getting crazy with them:crazy: :crazy:


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