Showing ID for alcohol or reservations - picture of passport enough?


Sep 13, 2014
I'm curious about your experience with showing ID. I've never drank at WDW before. I'm well beyond American legal drinking age but have been somewhat blessed with looking much younger than I am. On the rare occasion I do drink here at home, I almost always still get ID'ed.

I know that Disney is fairly strict about checking ID and I've heard for international travellers, your driver's licence from another country is not considered enough. Is this true? And, if you do have to show your passport as well, is having an image of its ID page on your phone enough? I noticed in the SWGE when it indicated passport ID was required for reservation entry it specifically said having a photocopy of the ID page and/or a photo of the page on your phone was enough when shown with your driver's licence. I'm wondering if this plays true in restaurants/bars/lounges as well.



DIS Veteran
Nov 4, 2010
It's true that in Florida the DL plus a picture (or photocopy) of your passport is sufficient. Should you venture the the west coast however in Disneyland per California law you'll need a physical passport to get a drink.


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Jan 22, 2014
I never been IDed at WDW or FL but we always carry our Nexus card with us. Since it’s a US-issued ID it’s supposed to be accepted.


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