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Discussion in 'DIS Adventures by Disney Trips' started by lesliekatya, Mar 5, 2015.

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    Hello! I am a new DIS Unplugged fan, and I am now totally addicted. Thank you so much for doing them!

    I would like to suggest a topic for the DIS Unplugged show. I know this is probably not something that could be done any time soon, but I would love to hear a parent's point of view of an international Adventures by Disney trip. My parents are thinking of taking my son on the Greek Odyssey trip, I would love to hear how ABD handles kids on these trips to foreign countries. Do the kids have activities just for them? How do they balance education and entertainment? Do they interact with kids from the country they are visiting? How does Disney handle picky eaters, and kids of all different ages? Thank you so much!
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    I have taken my son on Backstage Magic and we are going on the San Francisco/Southern California Backstage Magic again this summer. Ian loved the guides and how they interacted with him and the other 2 kiddos on the trip. I know that the "Junior Adventurers" do get special activities during many of the adult activities that might not interest the kids. I think Kevin would be able to answer most of your questions. :-)
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    There's a separate ABD board that you could ask your question and probably get some good feedback. In short though, kids do very well on international ABD's and IMO it's the most ideal way to travel with children. There's not much interaction with local kids, but all the children on the ABD form a fun group and have a great time traveling together. They will have childrens' menus available at meals, and certainly they have many fun special activities for the children. Overall, if you want to travel internationally with young kids (>7yo) or teens this is the best way to do it. Come over to the ABD forum and read some of the trip reports to get a better idea.

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