Should we get the quick serv meal plan?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by cruisnfamily, May 12, 2010.

  1. cruisnfamily

    cruisnfamily DIS Veteran

    Mar 6, 2002
    Never used a dining plan before, not sure I want to but I do want to if it's worthwhile. Thought I would post this here and let the experts tell me. We'd be just eating random counter service with an occasional table service meal and on that day we'd use the QS credits for breakfast and pay out of pocket for the table service I assume.

    We're staying 4 nights at Pop 6/13 thru 6/17
    Here's what I've priced so far(incl tax):
    room only = $402
    play 3 day FL Res tickets x 4 = $571
    So total = $973 without food

    Can get the same room, same tickets, and quick serv dining for $1,491(incl tax) so $518 more for the food.

    If it were you, would you take the dining. I looked at the menus and prices at random counter service places and I'm just not sure that it saves me anything....may actually cost slightly more than I would normally spend to eat.....just not sure. I know it includes the mugs but we wouldn't normally buy those so I don't know whether to factor that in or not, ya know.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. siskaren

    siskaren DIS Veteran

    Aug 8, 2007
    Well, I just looked at what I would most likely eat at MK:

    Lunch at Cosmic Ray's:

    Chicken & Rib Combo $13.99
    Soda $2.49

    Snack at Aloha Isle:

    Dole Whip $2.89

    Dinner at Columbia Harbour House:

    Shrimp Basket $9.69
    Soda $2.49

    Now I admit that I chose the most expensive entrees at both places, but that is what I would choose if I was paying OOP at those places, and the total is $31.55. I didn't include dessert, which is included in the QSDP, because I wouldn't ordinarily order dessert and I only included one snack, but the point is I've already pretty much broken even with less food than what you get with the QSDP, and I wouldn't mind getting dessert with my meals and I'm usually ready for a snack by the time I get back to my resort at night, so I would definitely come out ahead for this particular example.
  3. dd50

    dd50 DIS Veteran

    May 21, 2009
    It really depends on how you eat and personally I think it is cheaper to go without. I sometimes don't want an entree as not that hungry so will split or I may be in the mood for egg rolls only.

    If you are going to eat all meals and get the most expensive things then it will pay for itself. I like to eat what I am in the mood for so sometimes it maybe the most expensive and sometimes not.

    Or course if you are staying at a value and get it free then it is a good deal.
  4. Cafeen

    Cafeen DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2009
    $518 / 4 = $129.50
    $129.50 / 5 = $25.90 (4 nights, 5 days, granted, the 2 end days won't be full days)

    If you think each person can eat for less than (roughly) $25.90 a day, including taxes and up to 2 snacks (which also include taxes), then you won't be saving any money. (not counting the TS restaurants you may do, since those wouldn't be covered anyway).

    The best thing to do is sit down and compare what you would order if on the plan vs what you would order if paying out of pocket. (Including not buying the mugs if you wouldn't, they aren't a savings if you wouldn't do it anyway). Don't forget to include tax on the OOP costs and not on the QSDP ones (since it's covered in the original price of the plan). It can be tricky to figure it out, but a calculator and some paper (or Excel/Open Office) can make it a bit easier :).

    My gut would say that it would pretty much be a wash, either saving a little or "losing" a little, but I couldn't say for sure without really looking in-depth.

    BTW the cost per day only factoring in 4 days would be roughly $32.38. If you don't plan to eat at the world on both the arrival or departure day (or split it evenly), that would be the number to shoot for.
  5. cruisnfamily

    cruisnfamily DIS Veteran

    Mar 6, 2002
    I figured the 4 day thing.

    I did some random, not exact, number crunching and I agree that it will basically be a wash so we've decided to skip it and jsut wing it on our own.

    Thanks for the analysis though! I appreciate it and that was just the type of info I was looking for.

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