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Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by kayrosek, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. kayrosek

    kayrosek DIS Veteran

    Nov 14, 2009
    DH and I have been planning an aniversary trip to WDW unfortunatley it looks like it might not happen:confused3. Now we are thinking Vegas or perhaps a short Carnival cruise. We have been on cruises before, we have also been to Vegas but it was before we got married. DH suggested Vegas because we had planned on getting married there and he thought it was time to go back. We don't really gamble and we barley drink but in the past we loved the strip. The down side to Vegas is that foods not included but it still looks like we could do it affordably. What do you think? Would you choose Vegas?
  2. skiingfast

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    Mar 12, 2010
    Maybe Vegas. I'm not sure I would do a cruise if you have done that a lot. If you haven't been to Vegas in 5 years, there will be some new things to see. If 10 years lots of new things that would be fun to check out.

    Have you been to DLR? It's a very good alternative to WDW. And you could do a few days there and a couple in LV which is a short drive, flight or bus ride away.
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  4. GrandBob

    GrandBob Grand events should not go unnoticed

    Oct 30, 2007
    I can't tell you whether to choose Vegas -- that's a matter of personal taste. I can tell you that's where I took my DW for our last anniversary, and we both loved it.

    If you go, book a package at the spa at the South Point casino.

    I took DW there for the "Private Party" package. It was heavenly, it was romantic, and a touch naughty. We loved it ;) A little pricey, but well worth it.

    In any case, congratulations!

  5. Miss Peach

    Miss Peach Mouseketeer

    Aug 9, 2010
    In Las Vegas they have a buffet card--for a set price you can eat at any of the buffets in several of the hotels... it is called 'The Buffet of Buffets'.

    If you google that term you can get all kinds of info about it--makes eating in Vegas much cheaper!!

  6. GrandBob

    GrandBob Grand events should not go unnoticed

    Oct 30, 2007
    You can purchase them for $39.99 if you get a Total Rewards Card (which is free):

    or you can get two 24-hr passes when you book a room:

    Personally, I don't think I could stomach eating at buffets for 24 hours in a row. But I remember being younger (and poorer), when I could.

    One pointer, if you go this route. This card is good for 24 hours from when you purchase it - not for 3 meals. One trick suggested on other boards is that you purchase it just before going for a late dinner on the first night. Then, on the 2nd day, you can get breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner. That way, you can get 4 meals out of a 24 hour card.

  7. KKB

    KKB DIS Veteran

    Feb 11, 2005
    After over 20 Vegas trips since 1992 (married there:goodvibes), 6 cruises since 2004 and WDW 2x in the last 2 years..
    It is a good question--how long since you have been there? The longer it has been, the better idea Vegas is.
    You can spend as little or as much as you like on food. Check out had a terrific meal at MIX at Mandalay Bay (killer views & ambiance--and food). W/o drinks, only about $50 after the gift certificate. (NEVER pay full price...they are 70-80% off frequently...$4 for $50) But you can eat for much less.
    I DO NOT recommend the buffet route...overprice for mediocre food. THAT BEING SAID...if you time it right you can get 4 meals in on that $39 folks like it as they can get salads, fruit--eat pretty healthy. DH & I often split meals..too big of portions anyway. But scour internet for coupons or check out the AMerican Casino Guide...
    We LOVE cruising and find it to be a tremendous value--better than Vegas!! We have only done 7 day cruises; I would have a hard time w/ only 4 nights! And we have never done uncle who has cruised Celebrity, RCI, NCL & Carnival, he was very disappointed w/ Carnival (this from a man who LOVES Casino Royale & Circus Circus in Vegas!!) I would STILL do Carnival if the price was right! We love Princess best, closely followed by RCI (tho like food a tad better), followed by DCL--it is a great cruise but overpriced for the offerings.
    One thing about Vegas is that you can find CHEAP rooms, often cheap air. There are free coupon books all over, plus you can make a small investment in the ACG (mentioned earlier) or look at the pricier Las VEgas Advisor book.
    Hmmmm...short trip, Vegas always wins for me. If you have time for a wins.
    Let's face it, you will have a GOOD time no matter what!
    Have a blast!!!!:woohoo:
  8. ohMom

    ohMom Kids Get Arthritis Too! Moderator

    Oct 8, 2001
    there are lots of great shows in Vegas, don't forget the 1/2 price same-day ticket sales. also they sell some discounted meals at steakhouses

    i can't really give my opinion, I love to play cheap table games in Vegas, would you consider trying lessons? downtown at Fitzgeralds are crap lessons that are usually very beginner-friendly. lessons at the strip casino's are often rushed and confusing I've found. I sit at the $3 blackjack table with my 'cheat sheet' card (purchased at any gift shop) and the dealers will help you too -- they really do want you to win

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