Should I buy a package???


Jan 16, 2001
I need some help please!!! Is the Ultimate park hopper pass (also known as the unlimited magic pass) the same as what I would receive with the resort magic package? Also--If resort and tickets purchased separately outside of a package can your room "key" still be used as your admission ticket and also as a "charge to the room" card like it is with the resort magic package. And--if I have already made a deposit on my reservation with the resort magic plan can I change to purchasing separately and still have the deposit applied? Thanks to anyone who can help with my questions.
What you need to do is get the "basic" magic package. It is only the hotel room. Not sure if your deposit will apply. If you bought trip insurance, you're OK. I just did this exact change and saved about $350 by booking hotel room and purchasing park tickets separately. It's amazing how WDW travel company will try to charge more with these "all-inclusive" packages. I don't think my travel agent is too bright, either, unfortunately. I do believe the Ultimate Park hopper pass is the one offered with resort magic. Hope this helps. :cool: :cool:


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