Shop Onshore While Child Is In Oceaneers Club?


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Jan 28, 2002
Hi, my 7 yr old ds and I will be taking the 7 nt cruise and although I know I can check him into the Oceaneers Club while I am on the ship, my question is, in your opinions, is it ok to go shopping ashore while your child is in the Oceaneers Club? I've heard there are great bargains to be found on St. Maarten and St. Thomas and I think my son would be bored stiff on one of my shopping ecursions. I personally think he'd have much more fun in the Oceaneers Club but I worry about leaving the ship without him. Is this permitted and has anyone else done this???

Any input you could provide would be welcome! Thanks in advance for your advice.

NC mom:confused:
Yes it is permitted-When we checked our girls into the club on the day we were docked at Freeport they asked us if we were going ashore or not. They wanted to know in case they paged us and we didn't respond they would know to try again periodically. We weren't planning to go ashore, and they asked us to call them if we changed our mind.
As a single parent I would be hesitant to head off ship without my daughter - especially after witnessing a father get left behind in St Thomas - while his family was onboard. Of the two, I think St. Maarten would be the easiest to get back to the ship... so I might be tempted there...
We left DD7 in the club while we shopped on St Thomas. She went shopping with us on St Martin but didn't want to go on St Thomas. The counselors just asked if we were leaving the ship and what time did we expected to get back.

We left DD (9) in the Lab for a morning shopping in St Maarten. We impressed on her that we would be ashore and that she would HAVE to stay in the program until we got back. When we went to collect her after lunch to go to the beach, she wanted to stay on board! We got another blissful couple of hours of adult time!

In December we had had a group 6 adults and one 7 year old (my neice) and we left her at the club at every port (except Castaway Cay). We were never gone all day and knew we would have a better time with out her and she would certainly rather play on the ship then walk for hours etc.
We told her everytime that we dropped her off about how long we would be gone, who would pick her up when we got back and reminded her to have them call us anytime she wanted, but that we may not come right away cause we are still out on the island and that as soon as we did get the message we would be right there. Low and behold at Nassau she beeped us and we got the message still in port out by the horse buggies and hair braiders! Not bad, for not actually being on the ship.

I think she was fine with being left because she knew what to expect from us and was comfortable where she was. Plus, getting great stuff from us when we got back on board helped too!LOL!

We went ashore with our daughter in the club. The cast members just ask if you are going ashore or staying on the ship. No problems. Kathy

heres a story for you...
I was discussing the fact of people missing the boat and one of the crew members was telling me...

A few weeks prior to our 1/19 cruise, a couple people were left in St Thomas. Now usually, that's their tough luck. In this instance, it was detrmined that one of the life boats were sent back for a couple, because...they left their kid in the club while they went ashore! How can you possibly cut it that close to miss the ship with your kids on board.

Not saying everyone is like this, but still, some obviously are?
I was on 1-26 and left 8 year old dd in club while I did under 2 flags tours in St Marteen she was fine I told I was off the ship so i could not be reached . In St Thomas I was taking her to Coral world and Cokie beach and she wanted to stay on the ship again no problems . But each parent must know their own children to leave them for a few hours or all day . I don't think the staff would be happy with you if they had a screaming child for hours or with their potty training rules if my child was not fully trained more then a hour or 2 away may get you barred for the rest of the trip . really it is up to how each child is . Good luck.


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