Shhh!! - It's a Surprise - Dining Reviews Part 4

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    Day 7 – Friday January 28th


    Le Cellier

    After our failure to get in for an unplanned dinner earlier in the week we decided to try Le Cellier for lunch. It was perfect timing as the rain had started to begin around mid-day, so this was a great escape from the weather. We had no PS but that didn’t seem to be a problem. After a 10 minute wait we were seated near the kitchen. I didn’t find this restaurant as “dark” as others have reported. I loved the cozy atmosphere and the use of wine bottles as decoration. Our server, Amy, was great. She was 1 week away from ending her stay at WDW’s College Program. She was excited yet sad to be leaving.

    Now on to the important stuff. The food was unbelievable. Each of the different breads were very good. Being from the SF Bay Area, I thought the sourdough could have been a little stronger. But the Pretzel bread is amazing. Dude, DM and I each started off the meal with the ever popular Cheddar Cheese Soup. It was just as excellent if not better than all the reports (Dude had made this twice since returning using the recipe in the latest Disney magazine).

    I ordered the Grilled Steak Burger with Gruyere cheese and mushrooms. It was a truly great burger. Very well prepared and huge. DH ordered the NY Strip Steak. One of the two best steaks he had eaten all week. The flavor and texture were amazing. Dude ordered a Burger as well with Blue Cheese and smoked bacon. Again a vote of thumbs up for the burger. DM ordered the French Dip and deemed it to be very, very good as well. I definitely recommend this restaurant.

    Food: A Service B+ Value B+ Cost: $51.99 for DH and I with tax, tip, and a glass of wine for DH


    Beaver Tails – After 3 unsuccessful attempts all week long to try a Beaver Tail I was finally able to find the kiosk open. Unfortunately, it was right after I had just eaten at Le Cellier. But since we were leaving EPCOT then and not planning on returning I went ahead and ordered one.

    These are SOOOO good. I ordered on with chocolate hazelnut spread. I am glad I didn’t get one earlier in the week or else I probably would have eaten at least 2 or 3 more of these things over the week. They were very good. The pastry itself is made from wheat flour. Its very light itself but slathered with the oozing warm chocolate spread made it very heavy and filling. I definitely suggest being somewhat hungry for one of these or sharing it with others.



    Our last night at the World was going to be spent trying new items at Boma. The reviews are always mixed but I wanted to try this for myself. I would call myself somewhat of an adventurous eater. DH, mom, and I each found many different dishes we liked. DH had a harder time and overall wasn’t too thrilled with this place. I would definitely return but you must be up fro trying new things.

    I especially loved the Butternut Squash soup, the tomato vegetables, the sliced sirloin, the potatoes with Afritude, and several of the salads. We all loved the Zebra Domes and various other desserts. It was definitely worth trying.

    Food: B / C- from DH Service B Value B Cost: $101.04 for DH and I with tax and tip

    Day 8 – Saturday, January 29th


    Whispering Canyon Café

    On our way out of the World to the airport I wanted to have a final memorable meal and thought WCC would be perfect. It was quite busy since it was a Saturday afternoon but we were seated within 10 minutes. No one else in our party knew anything about this restaurant so the loud noises and singing sort of caught them off guard. Unfortunately our server was an older woman who tended not to be in the “spirit” of the restaurant. Didn’t even let us ask for ketchup, she just placed it on the table. It was fun watching the other servers interact with many of the tables and I think this place would have been outstanding had our server been a little more into it.

    Either way the food was pretty good. I had the Nachos which were pretty good. It might have been sitting longer than it should have as the cheese had started to harden back up on the chips. DH had the skillet and loved the cornbread, mashed potatoes and chicken. Mom ordered the Chicken sandwich and declared it to be good. Dude ordered the burger I think. Cannot quite remember. I was too sad about leaving I guess. I really liked this place and will try it again and hope to be more a part of the fun.

    Food B Service B- Value B

    Overall I think that the dining variations at Disney are comparable to some of the best restaurant cities in the world. Coming from the San Francisco area I have been to plenty of good restaurants and there are so many great places to choose from. Well, I find WDW to be no different. The variety and high standard of quality at the restaurants we visited were rival to anywhere else I have been. I will return looking forward to many of the same places and hope to enjoy many that we missed on this trip. My advice is to look at the menus over at and know before you go what looks like places you would enjoy. It made almost every meal perfect knowing there was going to be something there for everyone to like. Take advantage of the PS reservation system. It made decisions on what to eat non-existent and made wait time virtually none. Try new things and pay attention to the small details. And have fun.
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    Thanks so much for your reviews. As with your trip reports, they were great!! :D
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    Great Reviews!!!
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    Thanks for the great reviews!
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    Great reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Thank you for sharing your well written,informational and interesting reviews.I enjoyed reading them. You have done a great job,wish I had your talent.Thanks for posting.::yes:: :wave2:
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