Sheraton 4 Points Kissimmee


Earning My Ears
Oct 5, 1999
Anyone stayed at Sheraton 4 Points Kissimmee? I could get a great rate of 49/night in October, but don't want to book without knowing something about it. Thanks in advance for any information.
there is one which is "Lakeside" and one which is about 7 miles east of Disney..both are on 192....Lakeside is very close Disney and a basic hotel with two beds and pretty clean my son stayed there for 20 a night on Priceline (2 star). ...the one on 192 east is a long drive to Disney, but a good basic motel.....for 49 I think you you could do better than the one 7 miles from Disney...If you are willing to try Pricline and wait till late Sept, there is no doubt in my mind that you could get a 3 star (very nice) hotel close to Disney for 40 t0 45 dollars....Oct is a slow there are lots of bargains...Ted


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