she got it...(VWL in less than 4 weeks)


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Jul 12, 2002
I posted earlier about my sister trying to get 4 days at VWL (or OKW or BW or BC.... anything, she ain't choosy) at less than 4 weeks from trip date.. well, she got it! So there you have it, ask and ye shall receive. I guess I just always assumed it was booked well in advance... ya never know. OKW appeared wide-open.... (I hope we don't regret staying at VWL instead... we so love OKW for its drive-up, spacious, quiet, relaxed features. And while we never thought of OKW as having supersonic transportation, it certainly seems we'll be disappointed in transport @ VWL, based on the many posts.... hopefully the ambiance of VWL will just take over and we'll be in awe of it all!) Just 2 weeks away... we can hardly wait!!


Doctor P

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Jan 24, 2000
That's great news. I understand that the last couple of weeks of August are often less busy.


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Jul 21, 2002
Don't know about transportation in Aug, but DH and I stayed at VWL last Oct and it was fine. We had 5 - 10 min waits, but nothing longer than that. It was post 9-11 but the resort was full, according to MS.
Try not to stress about the transportation too much. It may be okay.

Hope you enjoy your trip, and tell Mickey hello!


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Feb 21, 2001
With the low expectations you have of the VWL transportation, I hope that you will be pleasantly surprised. ;)

Have a great trip! :)

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