Sea World w/16 month old?


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Mar 14, 2002
Does anyone have any experiences with toddlers at Sea World? We're going down in November and are thinking of spending a day away from WDW (gasp!!) and considering Sea World. DH and I enjoyed it several years ago, but we're not sure if DD will like it. Let me know your experiences.



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Sep 6, 1999
With kids that age, I've always noticed they REALLY like the exhibits and shows where there is a lot of action. Pacific Point preserve ( sealions) and the freeswim dolphin areas are particularly popular, as are the Shamu, Clyde and Seamore and Dolphin shows. YOu should also find a few things in the playground , Shamu's happy harbour, that will keep them amused for a while. You'll definately need a stroller round SW as it is A LOT of walking.


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Jul 1, 2000
We did SW with our DDs 14 months and 5 in January of 2000. They both loved it. I think it was the most fun our younger dd had on the trip. She did not like any of the charachters at the parks (except the grinch at IOA!!) but the live animals at SW really kept her attention. We will be going back in November with our DD's and DS 18 months!


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