SandraC ºoº Day One ~ Getting there ~ to the beach!


Longs for the feeling of sandy salt water in her k
Oct 27, 2000
HI! So after 400 days of planning we FINALLY arrived!

We flow Air Transat from Toronto to Orlando at 8:00 am ~ the flight went great and the kids where fabulous! It was the second time dd enjoyed a WDW trip and the first for ds (15 months old).

We left on time, arrived early, rented our car, upgraded to a FABULOUS FORD FAMILY-MOBILE ~ Ford Explorer ~ we called it ED, because the letter's "ED" appeared on the licence plate!

Long drive to Daytona because it was a Friday afternoon and lots of traffic, but I figured that and sat back and enjoyed the palm trees!

We arrived in Daytona Beach about 3 pm and checked into the Howard Johnson's Oceanfront for one night. I just HAD to see the beach and sunrise!

HoJo's staff was as great as WDW! I had been having terrible trouble with my travel agent and HoJo's staff straightened EVERYTHING out! One of the MANY problems with our TA was they didn't request ANYTHING I asked including CRIBS AND FRIDGES! HoJo's BOUGHT a new port-a-crib for MY BABY! I called them the night before and explained the TA trouble and they were so helpful! I give there service 5 STARS! dd got all sorts of colouring books and crayons and puzzles while ds got tons of baby attention!

The rooms were pretty good with a great view of the ocean (Howard Johnson's OCEANFRONT). We paid $94.00 CDN ($58.00 USF). Considering we had oceanfront that price was great. The room itself was a bit old but very clean! It had an efficiency and was BIG! There were two swimming pools in the front of the hotel and a hot tub for ME. The pool were chilly but the weather was beautiful 80º + all week (except one day it was about 75º). We ate at Shoney's. There was a Pulbix right across the street and we bought our groceries for the trip, very convenient!

The next day we watched the sunrise over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean ~ ate breakfast in the room and OFF TO WDW! MORE TO COME.........

looking forward to reading more about your trip! Welcome back. Pamela
Sounds like your trip got off to a good start, Sandra. So glad that the hotel straightened out any confusions with the crib etc. :D Can't wait to read the rest of your trip report. :cool:
Sounds like you were off to a good start- i'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!

Grover in Winnipeg :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
It's great to hear 'good service' stories like yours (re: your crib problem). Things like that certainly make your trip so much more memorable. Have a rest and get back to your trip report a soon as you can.LOL


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