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Feb 19, 2000
Dh and I are going to the RV show in Atlanta Saturday. We don't currently own a camper but are wanting to educate ourselves on them. I am not sure what we should be even looking for. I know we want something that sleeps at least 4-6, with a restroom/shower and full kitchen. We are on a budget and will be pulling it behind our van.
Have fun looking around! Before you get too interested in anything specific, you should check to see what weight your vehicle can safely tow, and then look for something that weighs LESS. You've seen those packing lists--you'll want lots of cargo room!!

107 days to go
Hubby and I are going to an RV show this weekend also, but in Springfield, Mass. We really enjoy looking at all the new models, and finding out about area campgrounds. The show we will be attending has everything from super luxury motorcoaches with washer/dryer and dishwashers to tents. We like to come home from the show and dream about someday making the "big purchase."
I hope you will enjoy yourself at the show, I know that we will.
My husband and I are going to the show in Atlanta!! We too, needed something we could pull behind our Astro van. We just ordered a AERO Cub. It is a travel trailer with pop up type beds and a slide out in the living area. We bought it new and are making payments on it for 10 years but it fits in our budget!!!! It has a full kitchen and a bathroom. We chose this over a pop-up because it had more room in it and was cheaper!!!


P.S. Did you see the cupon on the web for a 1.00 off admisssion? Go to www.atlantarvshow.com

Thanks. I got the coupon and did a search on Aero Cub. It looks like it would fit our towing capacity and our budget. I hope they have one at the show I would love to see the inside.
have fun at the show, look around and take the literature, do not believe everything the salesman tell you however. i suggest visiting www.irv2.com and maybe www.rv.org you will find many helpful people over there.
I am looking to purchase a pop-up this year and have found the message boards at www.popuptimes.com wonderful. Many of the larger pop-ups have slide outs and showers. Very nice but out of my budget! :D
Congratulations on your AreoCub. Welcome to the fun world of camping! I just wanted to tell you that my sister pulls a cub behind her Astro van and it does very well. You'll like your new rig. She is a single mom and she drives it all by herself, and says it is very easy to pull.:D
Thank you Disneycrazymom.

How long has your sister has her rig? I do want to learn how to pull it myself. We want to go out west next summer and I would need to help with the driving.

I think she has had it for 3 summers. I am just so proud of her that she pulls it and sets it up by herself. My DH does all the driving with ours. You are smart to learn to drive, I know that I should too, but I'm a BIG chicken! :D
Thanks for all the advice. Is there something specific to look for as far as water, sewage tanks? Size or features. Do the campsites at WDW have all the hookups?
You also might want to check out your local bookstore. They will have motor home and rv magazines that were very helpful when we bought ours. They do great research on many camper issues and campers themselves give great tips. Another great place to visit while in the Orlando/Tampa area is Lazy Days. THey are about 45 minutes from WDW and they have the most RVs and Trailers I have ever seen. They are really nice and you are free to roam the acres of equipment. We really liked that they let us drive some of them so we knew what it was like. We still go over there sometimes and camp, they even give us free lunch on certain days. We have had two Winnebagos and a Coachman 24 ft trailer. The trailer was nice but the tanks were not big enough, hated the hooking and unhooking process and trying to get the trailer level was a hassle. Probably the scariest part was the driving. We pulled it with an Expedition and even with sway bars it was tough to keep control of it (wind & trucks). So try to get some driving time on the interstate to gage if this is something you can handle, it can be very scary. The sales man even said that after a year we would be back to trade it in. Two years later we did.
Most campgrounds have water, sewer and electric. Some have cable and many are adding telephone outlets so you can connect your computer. As for tank size the more people you have the larger the tank you want. FW has all of these hook ups except for the telephone.
Suggest you do a lot of research really do a lot of reading, visit many rv shows and dealerships before you make a selection. It is like buying a second house. We love our camper and feel FW is the best campground around. I also have to say that campers are the friendliest and nicest travelers around. We also get suggestions and in great conversations with fellow campers wherever we go. It is something I have never seen elsewhere, must be a camper kinship.
We just got back and boy do we have a lot to dream about. We saw a Coleman Hybrid that we really liked but I don't think my Sienna Van can tow it. I can see where this can become and enjoyable but expensive hobby.
It's a vicious cycle, first a small trailer then a bigger tow vehicle, then bigger trailer, the a fifth wheel, then a motorhome, then a million dollar coach:D :D

RV shows sure help you dream of ways to spend the jackpot of the lottery you hope to win:p :p
DH saw a Skydeck yesterday that he is drooling over. It was a 5th wheel but they also have one in a regular travel trailer. But you are exactly correct. Since we don't have a big enough vehicle to pull it he is now also dreaming of a Chevy Suburban with a Vetec 8100 motor that can pull 12,000lbs. He definitely has plans for retirement. In the meantime we also saw a nice Coleman Caravan. Every man I saw that went up on the Skydeck said the words NASCAR. It was kindof funny. I don't even think my Sienna Van can pull the Coleman with out having a tow package retrofitted. I guess the camper crowd has to have the BIG vehicles. Dh was checking towing capacity and lots of vehicles (we're in the market anyway) and we were both shocked that many of the big SUV's/trucks had such low towing capacities. The Suburban seemed to have the most by far. We've never owned a Chevy but I have a feeling there is probably one in the future.
we also saw that skydeck, and the family is big into NASCAR, I would love to get a suburban with that 8.1, but most likely will end up getting a crew cab truck - not quite as expensive.

If you are getting a bigger tow vehicle, i suggest getting that first, then you can get a bigger trailer to start with, when we first started we bought a trailer that we could pull with the Astro, had so much fun we had to get a bigger trailer (More people were joining us on our trips) if we had bought the bigger truck and trailer in the first place we would not have take as big a beating on trade in.

Good luck in your quest. :D :D
We have a suburban 3/4 ton and just love the way it tows our 27 ft trailer. It is very comfortable inside too!:D


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