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    Hey Everyone!

    I post this in the CBR thread but got no hits. Hope someone here can help me out.

    Hopefully going back to WDW and CBR in August with my mom. She needs a handicapped room with grab bars in the shower and by the toilet. I can only find grab bars in the roll in shower rooms. I do not want to take a visually impaired room or hearing impaired room since we do not need it and what if someone else needed it. And, my mom loves to take baths. Do any regular rooms have grab bars or do any ADA rooms have a bath tub and grab bars?

    Also, I need a first floor room. My mom can not walk up stairs. Will this request be guaranteed since a member of our party uses a walker at all times and will be using a wheelchair while at WDW.

    We will be paying for a preferred room. I am hoping for Trinidad North 31 or Martinique 26. Does anyone know of a specific room number that is close to Port Royal without the zig zag of the hallway corridors? Hope that made sense.

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    I know there is a room category with tub/rails but I'm not sure about rails by the toilet. Your best bet is to call the reservations center and ask for sure. As there are no elevators at CBR you'll also want to guarantee a first floor room for your Mom.

    There are no hallways- at CBR there are outside sidewalks. I'm pretty sure the Trinidad buildings are not the closest to OPR, but since you're paying for preferred, ask for a preferred location and let the agent know that you'd like to be close to OPR, again for mobility reasons for your Mom.

    Don't worry about taking an accessible room from someone else- she needs it just as much as anyone else.
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    The highest level of accessible room does have roll-in showers, but there is a lower level, also designated accessible, that has a tub with grab bars on two sides and grab bars around the toilet. I think the toilet may be the higher kind, but I can't remember. My friend and I had a room of this type in 2009.

    Call reservations and tell them you need an accessible room but don't need a roll in shower. They will help you sort it out. And don't worry about taking an accessible room -- if you need it, you need it, and you have as much right to it as anyone else.

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