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Feb 8, 2001
In the past, we have generally requested Non-Smoking followed by specific floor, water view etc. On more than one occasion we were given handicap rooms which was unacceptable to us - not to mention not needed. We'd haul everyone back to the front desk, stand in line, and request a change. We were told to start requesting No Handicap. Now, our requests are Non-Smoking, Non-Handicapped, followed by a specific view. It is my understanding that they try to fill the requests in the order given. So, when my requests are listed as such, by the time we get around to the view, it is a third ranking choice and lately, over the course of many mini-trips, hasn't been met at all. Are all handicaps on the first floor? Therefore, by always requesting a top/upper floor, would we NOT have to specifically request Non-Handicapped? I really wish non-smoking and non-handicapped were a given and if you wanted a smoking and/or handicapped, then you should directly request it. Its irritating having to direct our requests this way. We'd like to focus on the view, location etc. instead of the technicalities of the room. Any advice? Help! We have a trip coming up and I'd like to change the way the requests are worded so that we get try for some of the views/buildings that we really like.
I feel your frustration. What resort will you be staying at? That might help us to help you.
I can't answer your specific question, but did want to chime in that you may just have been unlucky as of late. I don't think the room assignor would specifically stop after filling your first two requests (ns/nh). More likely it just happened that there were not any non-smoking, non-handicapped rooms that would meet your view (or other) request.

I agree knowing the resort may help. For instance, VWL only has +/- 130 rooms. Once you eliminate all of the rooms that permit smoking, are handicapped accessible and have a view you don't like, there may not be many left. And, if all of those rooms are filled by guests that checked-in previously, you may be stuck with the leftovers.

Hope the next trip works out better for you.
Sorry...I was referring to OKW. This is certainly not ruining our vacation in any way, but it would be nice to get one of our view requests met once in awhile! Do any of you specifically request Non-smoking and also non-handicapped? Do you feel this is necessary or overkill. Its happened to us twice...thats why I starting specifically requesting NOT to have this type of room. Are the handicap rooms at OKW on the first floor? Logically, this would make sense, but you never know.

Just curious, when you got the HC room, then switched, did you have to pay? We were told (when we called 5 minutes after discovering that the room was HC) that we would have to pay to be moved ("Well, of course you'll have to pay the $25 change fee"). Since then, we've just hoped we weren't assigned a HC room again.
I think almost all of OKW HC rooms are on the first floor, because there are only 3 buildings with elevators. Bldgs 62, 63 & 64 may have HC rooms on the upper floors.

Studios are the rooms most affected by HC modifications, all 1 bdrm & larger units at OKW have the jacuzzi, including the HC units. HC units also have higher restroom facilities, plus the studio bathtubs and freestanding shower stalls in the larger units are replaced with roll-in showers. Also, under counter storage is greatly reduced to allow for the turning radius of ECVs and wheelchairs.
Personally, I think you are lucky to get your first and second request met consistantly.

We had ONE request for our only DVC trip to date - no smoking. We got smoking. It wasn't noticable, so I'm not complaining - much.

We were also in a HC room, but I didn't mind that. Hadn't requested it to not be, and it didn't bother us.

No, we didn't have to pay, but these particular trips were made quite some time ago. We haven't been to WDW in a couple of years and just started going again (we now live closer). Again, just my personal view, but I really think it should be a "given" that people want non-smoking, non-handicapped. To me, its like having to state the obvious. The way it was explained to us - and perhaps we're wrong - is that they try to meet the requests in the order that they are listed. So, if non-smoking is the most important, you should put it first. This is why I'm trying to see if by requesting an upper floor that this knocks me out of the handicap situation by default. I'd rather leave those handicap rooms for those that need them. For what it's worth, the only time we had a problem with being given a handicapped room has been at OKW - who has the most rooms to offer. Go figure.
HC rooms are booked directly so it's only the excess they are given to you, me and others. Where they are varies with the resort. They have no "obligation" to meet any request regardless of the order but tend to go in order and usually only worry about the first two. I'd keep it NON HC and NON SMOKING and decide which is more important. I'd only add a third option if it's also truly important like near a bus stop when truly need or two rooms near each other for a larger group. I agree they really should book NS directly.
I have to say that once you get into the "twenty" requests I think you are lucky to get much.

And as for the "non-handicapped" I figure that you should be lucky you don't need it.


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