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Jan 27, 2013
Roy Biggens, David Schramm, an actor known for his prolific work in theater as well as his role on the NBC sitcom "Wings," has died at age 73.

Loved watching that show when I was interested in getting my pilots license.

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Feb 16, 2009
Damn Corona Virus

RIP-John Prine

Fortunately I have the key to escape reality
And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile
It don't cost very much, but it lasts a long while
Won't you please tell the man I didn't kill anyone
No I'm just tryin' to have me some fun, well done, hot dog bun, my sisters a nun
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  • bama_ed

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    Sep 23, 2004
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    Brian Dennehy dies at the age of 81.
    Our home football stadium for the University of Alabama, Bryant Denny Stadium, is sometimes mockingly referred to as Bryan Dennehy Stadium by corndogs and barners. But Bryan was a good actor, had a great career, and I would have been fine with him being associated with our team and school.

    Which I guess he sorta is. :rotfl:

    RIP Mr. Dennehy. Bama Ed
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  • tiggerdad

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    Jul 8, 2009
    Don Shula at 90. Can't believe I got here first, though you are all college football fans.
    Didn't he have a son? Coached somewhere...

    Don was one of my fathers favorites. He had retired before I started following football.


    It's kind of fun to do the impossible-Walt Disney
    Sep 23, 2004
    Didn't he have a son? Coached somewhere...
    Don is not fondly thought of in some Alabama circles (mine). Mike his son was our quarterback during my college years (I saw him in church most Sundays since he was a TALL athlete-easy to pick him out in a crowd). And I thank him for coming to UA later as the head coach during our time of need. (Mike Price got fired in May - where you gonna find a head coach and staff THAT time of year?)

    All that being said, Mike had four years and things never got off the ground. He had no HC experience previously and after four years things were about the same as year one - there wasn't much progress shown. Don was always quoted in the Sunday paper making excuses for why Alabama/Mike lost the previous day. So as is the way of the world, if you pull the big salary and don't produce, you're fired. Same for me, same for you, same for him.

    Well ol' Daddy Don (who had sat in the stands for four years covering for his son) wasn't too happy that his son got shown the door. I guess he figured schools should give more like six or eight years to build up (or let the HC learn what the heck he was supposed to do). Post Mike HC-at-Bama, Don was bitter towards Bama. Too bad.

    His Dolphins went undefeated in a year when they played fewer games to win a Super Bowl than the Patriots did a couple years ago (and lost in the SB but were undefeated otherwise). So the whole pop-the-cork-when-the-last-undefeated-NFL-team-goes-down-annually reveals a small man who should be proud of his accomplishments but recognize (and acknowledge) when they get passed (as they were).

    So good job Don in the 70s. Not very classy since Mike got fired (late 2006).

    His son (Mike) is always welcome in my home and I am grateful for his service to the University of Alabama (as player and HC).

    My statement above may not be popular but it is accurate.

    Tough beans.

    Bama Ed

    PS - after we fired Mike Shula we hired some guy from the Dolphins (haha) named Nicholas Lou Saban. And the rest, as they say, is history......
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    I don't always get distracted but whe...SQUIRREL!
    Jul 8, 2009
    Well, unfortunately today we had to say goodbye to our latest fur baby rescue. Stormy was a very sick kitten when we found her and despite our best efforts and those of our vet sadly today she passed. She had multiple complications due to underlying illness from the test results. Her first 3 months of life were hard, but I hope at least the last 2 weeks gave her the love she deserved.

    Only with us a short time, but missed heavily.
    There is a silver lining in all this however. I'll post about it on my thread.


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    Nov 7, 2010
    His name won't mean anything to anyone on here, but I got called this morning that a very long time (30 years) racing friend died in surgery last night. Stan Creekmore was a motorsports journalist and photographer. I met Stan and his then wife through a computer group much like this one. Stan worked for NASCAR as one of their "official" photographers. We were part of The NASCAR Gang on Prodigy/Compuserve/GEnie/AOL/and finally Facebook. There were about 30 of us "regulars" that met up at races every year. When NASCAR cut back staff, Stan expanded his freelancing work and focused on in depth stories about the technology, culture and behind the scenes aspects of racing. He had a way with people and could get a great story out of anyone.
    Stan and I had so much in common. Whenever he was passing through on the way to another track, he would stay over. Stan worked a hospitality suite for one of the big corporate sponsors when he wasn't out getting another story. When the NHRA was in town, he would stay with us and we magically had passes to the race and he would make sure he took us around to meet the owners and drivers. Ian loved him.

    Several years ago I got a call on a Wednesday and asked if I could meet him at Kansas Speedway on Saturday. "He had something he needed me to do". We drove out and the "todo" was to "help" him in the hospitality suite with a group that wanted to meet a "real" racecar driver. This was the view. That's Stan at the far end.


    And then we "had" to head to the pits and finally victory circle.



    Stan had a terrible family history of diabetes. His brother died in his 30s and his mom died of complications from it in her 50s. I remember being at Indy for the races shortly after Stan's brother died. Stan was bluntly aware that he would eventually die from it too. His health had not been good the past 3 years. Kidneys failed, but he didn't let dialysis stop his cross country travels. Last year, after fighting a bad wound on his foot for nearly a year, he had his leg amputated below the knee. He was in rehab and back on the circuit in 3 months. Over the winter his heart started to fail. Last night he went to surgery for "emergency" heart surgery and didn't make it through.

    I've lost a number of racing friends through the years. This is a hard one.

    God Speed, Stan.



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