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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by snowman, Jan 10, 2001.

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    Nov 9, 1999
    Cast - 2 large women (a short 26/28 or 30-/32 & a tall 22/24), & 1 size 8 Husky boy. So, none of us are tiny people.
    Dreading embarrassment can ruin an other wise enjoyable trip. I know that was the case for me while planning our last trip. We were taking my nephew to celebrate his 7th birthday and I knew he was going to want to do all the rides. So, I spent a good deal of time obsessing about the fit.
    I had no embarrassing moments (because of fit) and was able to go on everything I wanted. So, I thought I’d pass my ride experiences on. I hope this will ease somebody else’s mind.

    Here’s a list of the rides we did, along w/ any size concerns.

    Magic Kingdom
    Walt Disney Railroad - No problems of any kind on the train. Some of the turnstiles are a little snug
    Tomorrowland Transit Authority - No problems Alien Encounter - The turnstile is the biggest problem here. I could not get through the turnstile, but the attendant opened the gate for me with no comment.
    Buzz Lightyear - No problems here. We rode this twice. The first time we had all three of us in one car. We adults would have fit by ourselves, but there wasn’t enough room for us and a child. Next time through we all rode single. Much more enjoyable (besides, then you get 2 guns).
    Space Mountain - Step down in to the car and another step up to get out. I’m not real graceful but did it fairly easily. Last year I sat in the middle seat and didn’t feel real comfortable. This year I sat in the back seat and had no problems. I was paranoid that the bar wouldn’t lock over my gut but it did with no problems.
    Snow White’s Scary Adventure - No problems here. We didn’t try to ride on 1 bench. The cars are set up w/ 2 benches on them, so we rode 2 & 1.
    Cinderella’s Golden Carousel - Being short made getting on the outside horse a little tricky, but the outside horses are the largest. I was able to get up on the horse and enjoy the ride. I was pleasantly surprised that my horse actually went up and down. The three of us all rode in one row.
    Peter Pan’s Flight - No problem getting the 3 of us in one ride vehicle. It wasn’t even a cramped ride.
    Winnie the Pooh - Another ride vehicle w/ 2 benches on it. Again we rode 2 & 1 in the same honey pot. No problems.
    It’s a Small World - A low step into the boat, but plenty of room. The exit turnstile is snugger than the one at the entrance.
    Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - Believe it or not all three of us fit in the Tea Cup. I had to step into it sideways and lift my belly a little to get through the door. But after that I was fine. It’s not real comfortable for 3 people if two are adults (regardless of size) as we had to work a little to get our knees in a good spot. We ended up with the adults sitting directly across from each other w/ the child in between.
    Haunted Mansion - The three of us in 1 Doombuggy was a snug fit, but not so bad. We rode that way twice. The turnstile at the entrance is a little snug though.
    Splash Mountain - The logs are only 2 in a row anyway. We rode 2 & 1 and had no problems.
    Jungle Cruise & Pirates - no problems


    Body Wars - No problems encountered here. A tip – pull the seat belt all the way out before you sit down. The only trouble I had was unbuckling the belt, but that’s only because I couldn’t figure out how to do it.
    Cranium Command - No problems, it’s a movie. The preshow is standing, so if the feet are sore and tired keep that in mind
    Universe of Energy - No problems here. You can sit during the preshow, there are a few benches. If you time your entrance right you can miss most of the preshow and go right on to the ride.
    Living Seas - No problems. We rode 2 & 1 for our comfort
    El Rio del Tiempo - No problems, but it is a step down into the boat and a step up to get out.
    Maelstrom - No problems here, like most of the boat rides it’s a step up and down. But this one has a bigger step that my nephew had a hard time with.


    Tower of Terror - The lap bar only comes down as far as the largest person, so smaller people riding beside you will get “hang time”. I hated this ride, but because of the drop, not the fit.
    Rock n Roller Coaster - My biggest surprise of all the parks. I had no problem fitting in the harness. The harness is a lot like the one on Alien Encounter, but with handles and a real purpose. I was paranoid that it wouldn’t lock and that I’d be embarrassed when the ride attendant asked me to leave. I almost gave in to paranoia and skipped the ride. I am so glad I didn’t. The harness locked & I got to ride. As a matter of fact we went twice. Of course I kept my eyes closed the whole time, but that’s another matter.
    Backlot Tour - No problems encountered with this ride.
    Muppet Vision 3-D - These seats are tiny. Let me say that again, these seats are tiny. Both of us adults had to work to fit our butts in to them.
    Star Tours - No problems here. Like Body Wars, pull the belt out before you sit down.
    The Great Movie Ride - No problems here either.
    Fantasmic - Metal bleachers, no back support, long wait to exit. Worth every minute of it. I love this show.

    Animal Kingdom

    Kilimanjaro Safari - No problems here. Bumpy ride if that bothers you.
    Kali River Rapids - We don’t even try to sit together. Even though the seats are in pairs, we each took our own. However, it did fit the size 22 adult & 8H child sitting together.
    It’s Tough to Be a Bug - Seats are benches, so there is more room than Muppet Vision, but I think the Muppets are more enjoyable. Now if they would just get bigger seats.
    Dinosaur - It was a snug fit getting into the individual seat. The seats have arms on them, like in Star Tours, so pull the belt up first. But, the seats are smaller than Star Tours, so it was a snugger fit. I didn’t end up bruised like some have had happen. I loved this ride.

    I hope this helps allieviate someone's anxiety about the rides. Feel free to e-mail with any questions.

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  2. snuggles

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Thank you so much for your report. I'm sure you have just helped a lot of people rest a little easier. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!

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  4. Jcricket Fan

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    Apr 15, 2000
    Thank you for your thoughts on the rides. My mother is "fluffy" and has voiced some concerns about fit. Your report will put her at ease. :)
  5. lea82501

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    Dec 19, 2000
    You don't knwo how much this trip report has eased my mind. I thank you so very much.
  6. songbird

    songbird Jewish American Princess

    Aug 17, 1999
    been there, done that -- especially the Rock N Roller coaster. thought the harness wouldn't fit. prayed it wouldn't fit. rode with my eyes closed. rode again, with my eyes open -- :cool:

  7. FergieTCat

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    Jun 10, 2000
    Yep, you covered everything for the most part.

    I went on the RNR Coaster with my friend's son. We had a great time!! We even went on twice! And yes, that's pretty much what it's like driving in Hollywood (LOL!)

    I had a problem with Space Mountain, probably because of my size and the tendonitis in my heels. That used to be one of my favorite rides, but now it's not worth the trouble.

    You forgot Spaceship Earth in Epcot. I dont' think two large sized people could ride together. Also, I didn't know Living Seas had a ride ...

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  8. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Thanks for posting!
  9. BetsyAnn

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    May 18, 2000
    Thank you! Great trip report. I am also "pooh" sized and had very similar experiences as you.

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  10. MycatlovesEeyore

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    Apr 13, 2000
    We have had the embarassment of having to get off rides before at other parks and it really helps to know that for the most part Disney is considerate enough to provide room for everyone one their rides. We had discovered this for ourselves on most of the rides but there were a few we still had questions about.

    Thanks again!!

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  11. Big Dude

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    Sep 5, 2000
    I've also had similar experiences. I Love Disney! The ONLY problem I've had, to date, has been Virtual Space Mountain (create your own rollercoaster) at Disney Quest. They have a harness system in the simulator that would not accommodate a "person of size". Everything else was just peachy!

    Adam aka Big Dude

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