ride it again ticket

I vaguely remember that the ticket is for JPRA and Spiderman. When you finish your first ride, you show the card to the ride op. The ride op punches the card and you get to ride again, without leaving your seat. I remember it was a Discover card promotion.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
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I'm not sure about JP, but at Spiderman Im fairly certain that you must exit the car and reload through the baby swap line. Ride throughs from unload to load are generally not allowed. It's a thing about the black hole, like the Bermuda triangle. You might not come out the other end. It happens, honestly, it just doesn't make the news. I mean, whole families have dissappeared. Those just no logical explanation. It's a theme park curse sort of theme. I think it started at Haunted Mansion at WDW some 15 years ago.
The one ride I know i'd not want to "ride-through" would be ET, it looks like those poor bikes almost flip upside down from th angle the appear and dissapear at.


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