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May 14, 2000
Just got back from the advanced screening that my DD won tickets to from Radio Disney. The movie was short. Only about 65/70 minutes but it was well done! I know alot of folks do not like or agree with sequels but to the young audience, the movie was entertaining and funny. There was about 400+ people in the theater, mostly kids, and the movie was excepted very well.

As the previews rolled, another great commercial for Lilo & Stitch was shown. This one starts with Aladdin and Jasmine flying around on the carpet as A Whole New World is playing. I won't give it away but its very funny. I like how they are using these other characters to promote this movie.

As for RTN, it starts with a short Disney cartoon, "Pluto's Fledging". A cute cartoon. RTN begins were you would assume Peter Pan left off. I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I'll just say it is definitely a must see. Classic Disney. Songs, hero/heroines, villains, funny, sad and a happy ending. What else could you ask for.

If you do not like sequels, you may not like this but our family did.
Considering that most Disney "classic" animated films are based on existing stories and are themselves simply remakes in many cases, so what if they make a sequel of a non-original 'original'. Actually, if you think about it, a sequel is a NEW story about the characters, not simply a remake of a fairy tale as the original might have been.
People seem to enjoy finding reasons not to be happy in this world. Life is short, we should all learn to appreciate and enjoy things for what they are.
I've got to know: Did the They Might Be Giants song make it into the movie?

I'm thrilled to death NeverLand went to theaters. I can't wait. :)

I'm not sure. A long time ago (sort of) when Never Land was still going straight to video, TMBG was writing a couple of songs for the movie (one for Captain Hook and one for the lost boys). Then the movie's fate started to look uncertain. It seemed the songs were scrapped, but the Never Land site lists TMBG under the cast and crew section. Unfortunately the list of songs is still to come.
I just saw Never Land, and it was indeed the lost boys' song. What a great song! I realize I'm the only Disney + They Might Be Giants fan in the universe, but I got a good giggle out of it. :)

Left the bathtub runnin' over,
Stereo on, and cookin' bacon.
Never came back to tell us why.



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