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Mar 15, 2001
I'm working on my resume now (Ack, I can't believe these need to be sent out so soon) I'm applying to be a high school history teacher for next fall.

My basic question has to do with dates. I worked as a camp counselor for three summers. Each summer I had a graduated responsibility becoming co-head/developer of a program during the last summer. Each summer has a different job description, although it was the same camp:
Do I:
1) List them under one heading, writing out all job responsibilities in a big group
2) List separately

2nd part:
How do I date? Do I list year only, "Summer, 2000," or "May-August, 2000"?

thanks for any other help or advice:)
I'll give this a shot....though it's been 5+ years since my years in an HR job where I dealt with receiving and reviewing resumes.
Your questions are hard to answer........I keep thinking "Hmmm..It depends............" ...I'd rather see a draft resume and critique it than try to give general guidelines. ;) You should try an internet search on resume writing tips too, I'll bet there is a lot of free advice out there on the web!
It depends on the general format of your resume (how the info is presented/organized/visually) as well as the actual content of your resume. If these summer jobs comprise the bulk of your pertinent work experience (were you a student during the school year months?), I would organize it in such a way that it is clear that each year you returned to the same camp and had increasing responsibilities and accomplishments each summer. For example, list your academic credentials first and then your work history, with the heading of the name of the camp, and sub-headings for each summer (most recent one first) showing the date ( I think "summer 2000" would be fine as oppsed to the months) and then a description of the job title/duties/accomplishments/for each. If these were summer jobs while you were actually teaching somewhere else during the school year, I think the resume would need a different approach and not as much detail on the summer job duties.
Hopefully you'll get some other replies from people in the education field and/or HR field that will help you!
Good luck :)


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