Resort Hopping(kind of)

Jena Finn

Jul 16, 2003
Have read that when splitting stay between resorts Disney will transfer all your luggage for you. Was able to get a room at OKW by trading in a week at Aruba. Was thinking of coming a little early and staying at POR for a couple of nights.This will save us quite a bit on airfare plus the more time at Disney the better!!! Will not have car. We are a family of 6. Will Disney transfer all our stuff for us? Can't imagine having to take bus from POR to Mk and transferring to bus to OKW with all our stuff, 3 small children and Grandma!!!! Anybody know? :confused3


<font color=blue>DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Hon
Nov 22, 2000
Yes, Disney will transfer your stuff, and if you go over in the morning and "pre-check in" at OKW, it might even be in your room waiting for you when you get back from the parks.

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