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May 17, 2001
For those of you who have bought resale, are the prices listed (for instance, on the Timeshare Store website) pretty much what you pay, or are they negotiable? And if so, how much less can you reasonably go. An example would be a 200 point package for OKW with all points banked from 2001 and 2002 points available for $64/point. How much lower is reasonable? Thanks!
Everything is NEGOTIABLE!!!!! Generally, the Buyer pays the closing costs of around $400-500. On a 200 pt package at $64/point, you'd therefore be paying around $66.50/pt in full.......... a slight savings over the $70/pt from Disney, but not substantial. I'd shoot to save AT LEAST $1000 compared to Disney; to do so, you wouldn't want to offer more than $62.50/pt (figuring an additional $2.50/pt in closing fees).

Soooooooooo, I'd probably initially offer $59.......and see how the seller responds;) . You never know, some sellers are more "motivated" than others;). If there were no banked points,you could offer something in the mid-50s!!

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On a 200 pt package at $64/point, you'd therefore be paying around $66.50/pt in full.......... a slight savings over the $70/pt from Disney, but not substantial.

If the seller is aware the Disney incentives end and the price goes to $80/point in June, they may not be as motivated as otherwise. By simply waiting a few months, their asking price plus closing costs becomes not $3.50 less than Disney, but $13.50 less than Disney, or $2700 on that 200 point contract compared to the $700 difference now.

Something to keep in mind. I know if I were selling my points (heaven forbid), I would simply wait until June.

If your buyer is distressed and can't wait, then you have your best shot at a very good deal now.
I would bid as Eros suggested. We did as he suggested on a similar package with all of last years points banked and all of this years points coming and the offer was accepted. You never know. Also, they can always counter offer. I think this is a good time to buy before disney goes up in price for BCV. Resales probably will go higher at that point.

Another option is to keep your per point offer a "little" higher with the agreement that the seller pay closing. This is what I did. The bottom line was the same but I was thinking the seller felt better with the point price higher.

That doesn't mean to accept the point cost that they are asking. I offered a lower per point price and had them pay the closing and it was accepted.
Also, remember to take into account the number of points banked or borrowed. I have been looking at resales myself. One had a Feb UY with all the points for 2002 already used. They only wanted $58 per point, but since there were no points for 2002 the "effective price per point" was almost $65! That's because the new owner was "losing" on $1500 worth of points. On the bright side, the new owner wouldn't have to pay the $523 worth of dues in 2002 either. Conversely, resales with banked points are $10 pp more "valuable" and bring down the "effective price per point".


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