Renting a camcorder?


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Mar 23, 2000
Our camcorder is not working (no picture, sound only) and we've been told that since it's an older model, it's not worth it to repair. A new camcorder is not in the budget right now, but I'd love to have some video of the parks. Does anyone know if there's somewhere close to WDW to rent one?

I have done a search on this board, but was wondering if anyone had any new info? Thanks :)


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We took ours and never even took it out of the room. Those backpacks get awfully heavy and I didn't really want to see WDW through the viewfinder so to speak. Just my personal preference. We did take some pictures.


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I am not sure if there is anywhere offsite that you can rent one. I do know you can rent one from the camera shop on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. I would guess that it is EXPENSIVE to do so. Have you considered maybe purchasing a used one - ebay has had some great deals that I have seen.... it might be worthing investigating!

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The Camera Center at the Magic Kingdom stopped renting out Camcorders years ago as did all the other locations within WDW.


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