Rented car from L&M and was NOT impressed


Earning My Ears
Jan 8, 2002
I wanted to share my experience as I was not at all pleased w/ them and wouldn't even consider renting from them again. I chose them for the convenience of them being in terminal and they have very cheap rates. I booked a mid-size car for 6 days for $98. When I went to pick up the car, the woman said all she had was a Corolla or I could take a 2002 Maxima for an extra $10 a day, and that if my husband knew anything about cars he would want this car!! (I got the impression this was a strategy) Well I didn't want to spend an extra $50, and I own a Corrolla and it is NOT a midsize car!!! My husband went to some of the other rental car counters and they laughed when they heard a Corolla was L&M's mid-size, it's everyone else's compact car!! I asked to speak w/ the manager, the girl who waited one me had a real attitude right away, and the manager didn't seem to care a whole lot. All the other car agencies couldn't give us a good rate, so we ended up renting from L&M and got a bigger car for an extra $7 a day. Still not a bad deal but not the original deal. So if you do rent from them, be sure you KNOW what you're getting BEFORE hand.
Thanks for the heads up...

I am teetering between LM and Dollar.

I don't want any hassles at the counter and with Dollar I know what I am getting.


Unfortunately, there are several others here with problems at L&M at the airport in Orlando.

Is the Corolla "A Midsize By L&M" or is the Corolla "All They Had"? If the latter, they should have upgraded you for free.

Is L&M nationwide or just at Orlando Florida? Generally small local agencies are more likely to give you hassles, one reason is that you can't easily handle complaints or alleged overcharges with them after you get back home.

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Has anyone here ever had the same experience as Mittens (previous post below) did at any of the OTHER airport rental agencies at MCO?

I think it is great that they took care of her issues, but that doesn't make it ok. Why did they try to rent this car to begin with? What kind of vehicles does L&M purchase? These cars are in BAD SHAPE! I also read they rented a minivan to someone with the driver's seat not in tack, moving slightly from side to side while driving. I'm sure they aren't the only place to try and past off a nasty vehicle. IMHO, this is just bad business. I also feel this happens when a place offers very CHEAP rates (you get a junky car that may be unsafe). No Thanks!

RobinLyn :(
As a matter of fact, we've received a few cars from Dollar that looked great inside and out, but were very concerned about the brakes.

Robin Lyn, have you rented from L&M? I noticed you post quite a bit in regards to L&M and I don't recall seeing your experience. I'm relatively new to these boards, so I'm thinking maybe I missed it. We have a reservation with L&M for March and it will be the first time using them, so I'm trying to gather as much info as possible, both good and bad.;)

Well, I got a great price and dirty car from L&M last month. In December of 2000 I got a great price and very dirty van from Dollar.
As a matter of fact, my DH and I attempted to rent from L&M in November 2001 during a business trip. We left there dissatisfied with what they had to rent and rented instead from Avis. They were rude and could of cared less if the car was dirty. I don't think we will try them again. If you are unhappy with the rental before you leave the parking lot, why rent it? There are many places to rent from at and around the Orlando Airport. I'm sure during holidays and in the busy summer months some people have no other choice when these rentals are booked up. But I haven't reached the point where I would rent any car that has a drivers seat that moves when you don't want it to!

My sister and her husband and three others had a minivan rented from Dollar for $245 for the 6th for five days. She stopped at L&M's counter and L&M rented them a Ford Windstar for 10% less than the $245. My sister said they had a choice of either the Windstar, a Kia minivan or a Mercury Villager. She said the van is a very nice one. She said they had no problem at the counter and only one person in front of them. I am flying down Tuesday night and I have a reservation with Dollar also, but I'm going to check with L&M, too. My sister said she would definitely use them again.

Thanks for answering my question. Certainly gives me more food for thought. You are correct...a loose seat is very dangerous. Now I'm wondering what to do. I'd hate to make two reservations with different agencies, but it seems like that may be the best way to be prepared should I run into a situation such as yours.


I think it may be best to make two reservations like you mentioned. You can always cancel the other once you have your rental. With the way these problems keep poping up, not only at L&M, but at all of them, a back up is a good idea and I plan to do the same for our trip in the summer. Once thing I don't like about L&M's web site is that they show a picture of say a "full" size car but they don't tell you what make you get (most state the car make or similar). Then when you arrive, they just try to give you what they have left. It can work out in your favor, but it can also not work out and they try to pass off a smaller vehicle in place of say a full size one. If you call them, do they say over the phone what type car you will receive for the price? Or do they just say "full size" or "minivan"? I have never tried calling them.

RobinLyn :)

I'm actually renting a minivan, and that is what is noted on my email confirmation from L&M, along with the weekly rates, add'l taxes and surcharges, and an estimated total. We were actually going to request a Kia Sedona because we had heard it was fashioned much along the same lines as the Honda Odyssey (which we own and love). I don't know if I would totally rule out trying a Kia. If it's anything like the one described here, though, I think I'll pass.:D

Someone had posted a good Dollar minivan rate code and I've made a reservation with them as well. I really don't like being double booked, but it seems it's the only way to guard against any potential problems.

My one and only time attempting to rent with L&M they basically told me that the car sizes change based on demands. SO if it is a busy season for them the Corolla could be a midsize car! I walked off to Hertz. I would rather take the bus than be jerked around!
About the car types: There is a link on the website for OUR FLEET, showing a picture of cars. Here is the link: L&M Fleet

As for the negatives... I was an avid National EC member. I never had a problem with them, but they too started receiving lots of negative posts here on The DIS. Let's face it, it is not a perfect world.

I have used L&M just once, without any problem. I have another ressie with them for next week for a convertable. After that, I have 2 ressies with them for 2 minivans at the end of March. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't like, drive or have clunkers! I own a 2001 Suburban and 2001 GMS Sierra. I won't drive less then I am accustomed to.

There does seem to be a problem with the emailing. I don't think they were quite ready for the growth spurt. I believe that the DIS has definately added to their work log. I personally will be calling them today to see what is going on.

I will keep you posted!
I too believe L&M got overwhelmed when they went online. I hope things get adjusted. When I booked for my January trip, the picture the site showed me of a full size was a Chevy Monti Carlo. I got a Mitsubishi Gallant. I will continue to shop them (and read reports here) in the future.

For our April trip, I have a Ford Crew Cab F-150 reserved with Budget. Now that is full size.
I rented from L&M in Jan and Feb. Both times I received a very clean Toyota Corolla as my economy car. I must admit the desk clerk in Jan was much more pleasant than the one I encountered in Feb, but I have no complaints about the cars.


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